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Wafer Technology Ltd
34 Maryland Road, Tongwell, Milton Keynes,
Bucks, MK15 8HJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1908 210444
Fax: +44 (0)1908 210443

Company Profile: Wafer Technology Ltd

Wafer Technology Ltd is a U.K. based producer of III-V materials and epitaxy-ready substrates. The company has a long and well established history in the manufacture of III-V materials and offers the widest product range in the business. Wafer Technology’s unrivalled choice of material types and forms enables it to support almost any customer application.

Products include GaAs, InP, InAs, InSb and GaSb substrates.

The origins of the company can be traced back to 1957 when it was a pioneer in the growth of single crystal gallium arsenide. Recognising the potential importance of III-V compound semiconductors, the company focussed its efforts on establishing manufacturing technologies for such materials and thereafter lead the way in being the first to offer production sources of gallium arsenide in various forms. Today sees Wafer Technology benefit from a rich history of materials development which has positioned the company as an industry leading authority on a diverse range of compound semiconductor types.

Wafer Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of IQE plc, the world’s leading MOCVD and MBE epitaxial wafer foundry. Group membership provides customers with the credence and confidence that is required to support the purchase and qualification of III-V materials and substrates. Close relationships with all Group member companies supports Wafer Technology’s thorough understanding of the latest material and device market trends which in turn are utilised by the company to develop new product types.

Wafer Technology is housed in a 50,000 sq.ft. building in Milton Keynes, about 50 miles north west of London, UK. Crystal growth facilities include high and low pressure Czochralski (CZ) pullers, horizontal synthesis furnaces (for polycrystalline material production) and Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) furnaces.

Wafering equipment includes an extensive installation of Meyer & Berger saws, precision edge rounders and laser marking equipment.

Single side and simultaneous double side polishing is performed in class 10,000, class 1,000 or better cleanroom areas with final inspection and polished wafer packaging in a class 100 area.

The first III-V wafer vendor to gain approval to the international quality standard, ISO9001, early in 1994, Wafer Technology is committed to the quality of its products and its service to customers.

Wafer Technology is fully committed to protecting the environment in which we live and work. The company has been formally assessed by the British Standards Institute (BSi) and has been accredited to the international standard for Environmental Management Systems: ISO14001

Wafer Technology offers an industry leading network of sales offices and distributors. Local representatives operate in Japan, Korea, China, and Scandinavia as well as Branch Offices in the USA and Germany and the Head Office in the UK. These local points of presence are particularly important because in addition to providing a local contact, these distributors help to smooth customs and shipping procedures so that customers find buying from Wafer Technology is as easy as buying from a local vendor.

In addition to equipment, investment in technology has continued in response to demands from the market. Some of the investment is in incremental improvements to existing products, such as improved flatness of polished wafers or ultra-low etch pit densities but Wafer Technology also continues to actively develop new products, for example large diameter antimonide wafers for next generation infrared imaging applications.

Wafer Technology provides its customers with a comprehensive level of sales and technical support at every location. Our team of qualified engineers and sales professionals offer a personalised service and are backed by ISO 9001:2000 certified processes.