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An ISO 9001 Company.


Metrology Equipment – Robotics – Calibration Standards & More Repair – Exchange – Refurbishment – Purchase – Trade In

Brumley South, Inc., an ISO 9001 registered company, was established in 1992 to provide a superior, responsive, high-quality service that is affordable, yet emphasizes an innovative approach to the wafer inspection market.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in this industry, we bring you the complete solution. We know Inspection Equipment... and we can offer you firm, substantial savings on semiconductor equipment, parts, and services....

As a world leader in remanufacture of Wafer Inspection Systems, we can offer you an alternative to purchasing a highly expensive new inspection system. We specialize in designing, installing and supporting of upgrades for ADE, Nanometrics, Dryden, KLA-Tencor Surfscan tools, Polysterene Latex Sphere Calibration Standards, Particle Deposition Systems, and offer Semiconductor Parts and Service including Refurbished Argon lasers for wafer inspection tools.

We also offer robot sales and service including CYBEQ, Brooks Automation, ADE, Kensington Labs, PRI-Equipe, Hine, Rorze, MECS, and Tazmo. We also offer sales of reconditioned wafer handling robots, robot rebuilds and repairs.

Refurbished Equipment:

We specialize in designing, installing and supporting of upgrades for KLA-Tencor Surfscan, ADE, Nanometrics and other metrology equipment.

KLA-Tencor Tools:

Tencor Flexus 2320 Thin Film Stress Measurement System, Dual Wave Length Tool

KLA 6420 Surfscan film inspection system

KLA 6400 Surfscan film inspection system

KLA 6220 Surfscan film inspection system

KLA 6200 Surfscan film inspection system

KLA 6100 Surfscan film inspection system

Tencor Alpha Step 200 surface profiler

Tencor Alpha Step 500 surface profiler

Tencor P-11 Long Scan Surface Profiler

KLA-Tencor 5500 Surfscan

KLA-Tencor 4500 Surfscan

KLA-Tencor 4000 Surfscan










Dryden Engineering:

Remanufactured Dryden Engineering Q-III Surface Particle Detector








Nanospec 210XP Scanning UV Computerized Film Thickness Measurement System

NanoSpec 3000 Tabletop Film Analysis System

NanoSpec 6100 Tabletop Film Analysis System

NanoSpec 8000X and 8000XSE (including Spectroscopic Ellipsometer)

FLX, 9100, 9200, 9300 systems


Polystyrene Latex Sphere Calibration Standards - NIST Traceable & Quick-Check

    • We specialize in producing NIST traceable and Quick Check Calibration Standards for KLA-Tencor Surfscan, ADE, and other wafer inspection systems. They are produced for both patterned and unpatterned inspection tools, in variety of diameters and micron sizes, with custom deposition available, whenever you need it!
    • We also produce Custom Films and Substrates Standards.
    • Our Calibration Standards are available in half, full, circle or double deposition.
    • The actual number of PSL's deposited on surface of silicon wafer can vary, depending on kind of the tool and your particular needs.
    • Properly calibrated particle counter and other wafer inspection equipment ensure accurate semiconductor measurements.
    • We strongly recommend using our calibration standards for quality control, as well as other semiconductor metrology needs.
    • Our Standards come with Certificate of Traceability to NIST and 90 DAY NO-FAULT WARRANTY.
    • You can save even more with Brumley South: for your daily checks you can use low cost Brumley South Quick-Check Quality Control Standards!