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Veeco: Innovation. Performance. Brilliant.

Veeco’s process equipment solutions enable the manufacture of LEDs, flexible OLED displays, power electronics, hard drives, MEMS and wireless chips. We are the market leader in MOCVD, MBE, Ion Beam and other advanced thin film process technologies. Our high performance systems drive innovation in energy efficiency, consumer electronics and network storage and allow our customers to maximize productivity and achieve lower cost of ownership.

Veeco’s approximately 800 worldwide employees support our customers through product and process development, training, manufacturing, and sales and service sites in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, Europe and other locations. We believe that offering timely service and support creates stronger relationships with customers and provides us a significant competitive advantage.

Our Vision

  • Veeco provides process equipment solutions that drive tomorrow’s technology breakthroughs today.
  • We help customers make products for a more productive world and a cleaner and sustainable environment.
  • We are a dynamic, innovative and high-growth company recognized as the best in the markets we serve.

Our Products and Customers

Veeco designs and manufactures metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems and service upgrades sold to manufacturers of LEDs, wireless components, power semiconductors and concentrated photovoltaics, as well as to R&D applications.

We are the world’s leading provider of MOCVD equipment, with more than 60% market share selling to the world’s top LED manufacturers. We are also #1 in MBE, serving both production and R&D customers. In 2013, we added atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology for flexible OLED displays.

Veeco provides the industry’s broadest line-up of innovative and reliable MBE systems. From the most proven system for materials research to the silicon-style tools that provide the compound semiconductor industry’s lowest cost of ownership, our systems deliver the high-quality material needed, no matter budget, application or growth plans. In August 2013, Veeco introduced the industry’s first fully-integrated MBE system for the compound semiconductor R&D market. The GENxplor R&D MBE System creates high quality epitaxial layers on substrates up to 3” in diameter and is ideal for cutting edge research on a wide variety of materials including GaAs, nitrides, and oxides.

Veeco offers a range of industry leading MOCVD equipment, including the TurboDisc MaxBright M Multi-Reactor and TurboDisc K465i™ GaN MOCVD systems, designed to maximize your throughput while lowering cost of ownership. Our Systems Performance Components maximize system uptime and yield, allowing our customers to achieive the highest throughput of high brightness LEDs.

Veeco also designs and manufacturers systems used to create thin film magnetic heads (TFMHs) that read and write data on hard disk drives. These technologies include ion beam etch, ion beam deposition, diamond-like carbon, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition and slicing/dicing and lapping systems. We are the number one provider of equipment to make TFMHs. We are also extending the core technologies from this business to new markets such as MEMS and extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL).