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3 April 2008


Cree LR6 LED downlight available to homes and businesses globally

Following the rapid adoption of its LED downlight in the USA, Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA is introducing its flagship LED lighting solution globally. A new version of the LR6, designed for 220-240V electrical systems, is being released to address Europe, Asia, and other major markets.

Cree LED Lighting Solutions (Cree LLS) is introducing the 165mm LR6-230V at next week’s Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany. The LR6-230V is based on Cree’s lighting-class XLamp LEDs and patented color-mixing technology. Cree says that this combination allows it to excel in three critical elements – color quality (CRI Ra 94), efficiency and longevity.

“The high quality of light and the energy efficiency of LEDs enable our fixtures to deliver unprecedented value,” says Cree LLS’ president Neal Hunter. “As part of Cree, we now have an ideal technology platform to advance LED lighting and are expanding the application of our LED products globally.”

The LR6 was the grand prize winner in a 2007 competition sponsored by the American Lighting Association, with performance verified by tests in independent labs under the direction of the US Department of Energy. The LR6 gained “high marks for light output and color quality with luminaire efficacy exceeding even the most efficient fluorescent downlights currently available.”

The LR6-230V uses 12W of electricity and produces light comparable to a 75W incandescent. It uses about 85% less energy and lasts up to 50 times longer; more than 20 years in homes and 10 years in businesses under normal use conditions, says Cree. Compared to compact fluorescent (CFL), Cree’s LED lights use 50% less energy and last up to five times longer.

Cree LLS will be shipping production quantities of the LR6-230V this quarter. It is in the process of selecting distribution partners for the European and Middle Eastern markets.

At the Light+Building show, Cree LLS is also previewing its expanding product portfolio with its new 115mm downlight and 600mm x 600mm recessed architectural lights.

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