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29 September 2023

OpenLight samples fully integrated 2xFR4 PASIC photonic integrated circuit

Heterogeneous integration of lasers and electro-absorption modulators simplifies customer product development

29 September 2023

Coherent unveils first 140GBaud optical subassembly to enable 800G in ultra-compact pluggable form factors

140GBaud IC-TROSA combined with Marvell’s Orion coherent DSP to transmit 800G

28 September 2023
Germanium–tin MQW LEDs on 12-inch silicon substrate
Researchers claim the largest-diameter wafer so far opens way to mass production.
28 September 2023

Indian Institute of Science develops fully indigenous GaN power switch

Centre for Nano Science and Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering produce 8A, 200V normally-off cascode GaN-on-Si HEMT

28 September 2023

Coherent and Kinetic extend partnership to enable 100G services at network edge

First 100G QSFP28 0dBm DCO transceiver includes DSP optimized for 100G, silicon photonics technology, InP tunable lasers, and Flextune technology

28 September 2023

Guerrilla RF updates revenue guidance, targeting 30% growth in 2023 and 40% in 2024

Strategy refocused to achieve profitability by Q2/2024

25 September 2023

IQE’s first-half revenue down about 40% year-on-year

Double-digit revenue growth expected in second-half 2023

22 September 2023

Germany and Bavaria governments to provide €300m IPCEI funding for ams OSRAM to expand opto R&D and manufacturing

Regensburg site to gain new cleanroom and laboratory facilities plus 400 staff

22 September 2023

First Solar breaks ground on $1.1bn 3.5GW Louisiana factory

Plant to create over 700 direct manufacturing jobs in Louisiana

21 September 2023
Recessing metal contacts for GaN transistors
Researchers achieve low contact resistance with low annealing temperature.
21 September 2023

Plasma-Therm acquires Thin Film Equipment

Plasma-Therm expands European footprint and strengthens portfolio for power device market

21 September 2023

AXT’s Tongmei receives initial export permits from China for GaAs and Ge substrates

Tongmei working with authorities on permits for further customers

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News Features
7 September 2023
Fabricating 330ppi monolithic GaInN RGB pixels
Device development aims at head-mounted displays and smart glasses.
24 August 2023
GaN:AlN superlattice UVC LEDs boost light extraction
Radiant flux reaches 17.4mW at 1A injection - a record on sapphire.
17 August 2023
Balancing charge to boost Ga2O3 breakdown beyond 10kV
Result beats previous Ga2O3 device reports, along with giving thermal stability up to 200°C
10 August 2023
Understanding the impact of Auger recombination on InGaN LED efficiency
Research suggests that efficiency droop at high current is affected more by carrier localization than by point defects.
3 August 2023
MOCVD mid-to-long wavelength IR quantum cascade lasers on silicon
Prospects for chip-scale, reliable and mass-producible PICs
27 July 2023
Spalling-induced GaN lift-off and transfer
Boron nitride vdW and nickel spalling layers enable transfer of 4-inch diameter film.
Feature Downloads
31 August 2023

NTT achieves 300GHz-band high-speed data transmission with beamforming
NTT and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have established a foundation for the instantaneous transmission of ultra-high-capacity data to 6G mobile devices.

31 August 2023

AlScN ferroelectric FETs for monolithic 3D NVM integration
A new structure could increase device density and boost data processing speeds.

31 August 2023

GeSn VCSE p-i-n diodes bonded on 200mm silicon
A multiple quantum well vertical-cavity surface-emitting p-i-n diode structure enhances light emission from germanium–tin on silicon by factors of up to 8.

31 August 2023

Co-doping boost for quantum dot lasers on Si(001)
Researchers report significantly enhanced thresholds and thermal stability up to 115°C.

31 August 2023

Monolithic integration of III-V lasers & silicon photonics
Researchers claim the first demonstration of coupling such laser light into on-chip waveguides.

31 August 2023

Improving micron-scale AlGaInP red LED performance
Enhanced sidewall treatments give the lowest size-effect drop in EQE to date.

1 August 2023

InAs quantum dot lasers buttcoupled to SOI waveguides
Researchers claim the first monolithic epitaxial growth on SOI templates.

1 August 2023

All-MOCVD 980nm laser on (001) silicon
Continuous wave 980nm lasers grown on silicon by MOCVD show potential for application in optical fiber and IP network communication systems.