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23 March 2023
GaN on silicon through surface-activated bonding
Annealing of bonded materials allows tuning of interface structure.
23 March 2023

CSA Catapult celebrates fifth anniversary

Highlights include delivering £14m of collaborative R&D projects; leveraging £177m of direct investment; and creating or safeguarding over 5000 jobs across UK

23 March 2023

ROHM’s ultra-high-speed control IC technology maximizes performance of GaN switching devices

Greater energy savings and miniaturization in power supply applications by combining GaN devices and Control ICs

22 March 2023

Navitas launches GaNSense Control ICs

Integration of high-speed, high-voltage GaN and low-voltage silicon system-controller chips enables easy-to-use, high-efficiency, fast-charging power systems

22 March 2023

ST extends VIPerGaN power converter range to 65W and 100W

Power boosted from 50W for single-switch QR flyback converters

22 March 2023

Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei set 160mW output record for single-chip UVC LED in 260–270nm germicidal range

Engineering sample available now; commercial product release due later in 2023

22 March 2023

NUBURU expects revenue to double to over $3m for 2023

Newly public company to engage with financial markets to strengthen balance sheet

21 March 2023

Navitas surpasses 75 million GaN power shipments

Potential GaN market of $13bn/year by 2026 spans EVs, data centers, solar, home appliances, industrial and mobile fast charging

21 March 2023

Oxford Instruments accelerating qualification programs for Plasma Polish production ramp in 2023

Solution in qualification with several SiC device and substrate makers

16 March 2023

Tower announces first heterogeneous integration of QD lasers on SiPho foundry platform

GaAs QD laser integrated on Tower’s PH18DB high-volume silicon photonics foundry

16 March 2023
First transverse DUV-LEDs without n-AlGaN layers
Emission intensity doubled over conventional device performance.
16 March 2023

Richardson to distribute Navitas’ SiC power semiconductors in Americas

Partnership for GeneSiC silicon carbide targets renewable energy, industrial, medical, transportation and energy storage

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News Features
9 March 2023
MOVPE core–shell AlGaN nanorods for UV emission
Hybrid top-down/bottom-up process improves lattice matching.
2 March 2023
Green exciton emission from nanowire micro-LEDs
Devices demonstrate record EQEs up to 25%.
23 February 2023
Indium arsenide quantum dot lasers on silicon with simple GaAs buffer
Avoiding complex structure expected to promote photonic integration
16 February 2023
InGaN micro-LEDs for full-color passive-matrix display
V-grooves enable current-variable emission wavelength from red to blue
9 February 2023
InGaAs QW HEMT for 6G communications
Researchers claim record balanced current/power gain cut-off performance.
26 January 2023
Enhancing interband cascades for longer wavelengths
Researchers report cw operation beyond 12µm and pulsed operation up to 160K.
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1 March 2023

Cornell to lead SRCsponsored SUPREME research center
The SUPeRior Energy-efficient Materials and dEvices center will span 2D materials and ultrawide-bandgap semiconductors.

1 March 2023

MIT-led team demonstrates full-color, vertically stacked RGB micro-LEDs
A 2D materials-based layer transfer enables record array density and the smallest size, reports MIT.

1 March 2023

ams OSRAM to benefit from Apple adopting micro-LEDs
The Apple Watch is likely to be first of the firm’s products to feature micro-LED displays, from 2024, says TrendForce.

1 March 2023

Monolithic GaN optoelectronics on silicon
Fabricated device includes transmitter, modulator, waveguide, beam splitter, receivers and monitor.

1 March 2023

Continuous-wave InGaN microdisk laser diodes on (100)-oriented silicon
Thermal resistance was reduced by 32.5% relative to the reference on Si(111).

1 March 2023

Integrating nanowire lasers in hybrid polymer–SiN waveguides
Technique could be applied to wide range of materials and photonic systems.

30 January 2023

High-temperature GaN memory and sequential logic
Delay flip-flops achieve stable operation at 300°C

30 January 2023

Mini-LED-backlit automotive display module shipments to grow from 140,000 in 2022 to 450,000 for 2023
Late adopters will boost shipments to almost 1 million in 2024, says TrendForce.