Matheson Gas
10 August 2022

MICLEDI launches first micro-LED devices with integrated micro-lenses

Integrated micro-lenses in tightly pitched device allows pixel-level beam shaping

10 August 2022

Micro-LED transparent AR smart glasses chip market to grow to $38.3m by 2026

Concepts launched by over 10 branded manufacturers since 2021

9 August 2022

NUBURU to go public via Tailwind Acquisition

Deal to provide gross proceeds of $334m, plus $100m from Lincoln Park Capital to help fund growth initiatives

9 August 2022

Odyssey receives bridge loan from chairman

Funding to yield Gen1 engineering product samples in Q4/2022

9 August 2022

Optical transceiver market growing at 15% CAGR to $24.7m in 2027

New applications drive expanding data-center infrastructure sector

8 August 2022

HG places new shares and announces subscription of shares and warrants by GCL’s founder

Proceeds to be used for GaN business development

3 August 2022

US DOE launches $20m NREL-administered Cadmium Telluride Accelerator Consortium

Led by University of Toledo, First Solar, Colorado State, Toledo Solar and Sivananthan Labs, initiative aims to reduce cost and speed deployment of US-made PVs

3 August 2022

Manz terminates negotiations with Chinese partner on completion of CIGSfab solar project

Equipment maker makes €23.2m non-cash impairment in solar business

AFC Industries
News Features
28 July 2022
Lateral polarization GaN HEMTs
N-polar electrical isolation avoids mesa etch or ion implant damage.
21 July 2022
Buffers for GaN power on AlN substrate
Closer thermal expansion performance could enable larger-diameter growth substrates.
8 July 2022
Green QD micro-LED multi-Gbps visible light communication
Researchers claim record offline distance-rate product of 10Gbps-m
30 June 2022
Full-color μLED pixels for displays and optical near-field communication
Researchers claim highest data rates for multi-color LEDs
22 June 2022
Gallium oxide power switching
US team reports record Huang material figure of merit.
15 June 2022
Stabilizing colors for micro-displays
Sheffield University proposes micro-cavity III-N µLEDs.
Feature Downloads
11 July 2022

Smartphone production volume falls 12.8% to 310 million in Q1/2022 due to amplified off-season effect
Rising inflation, intensified by the Russia–Ukraine war and China’s lockdowns, is constraining smartphone production in Q2 to 309 million units, says TrendForce.

11 July 2022

Power GaN device market growing at 59% CAGR to $2bn in 2027
Consumer to comprise 48% of market, but datacom/telecom and automotive/mobility growing at 69% and 97% CAGRs respectively, says Yole.

11 July 2022

Gallium oxide beats silicon power limit
Researchers report simultaneous high breakdown/low resistance in β-Ga2O3.

11 July 2022

Magnesium doping of hot-wall MOCVD GaN
Gallium supersaturation enables hole conductivity even without annealing.

11 July 2022

AlN doping for future deep UV/power tech
Researchers achieve state-of-the-art n-type doping and PN homojunctions in AlN.

11 July 2022

InGaAs/AlGaAs nanowires on silicon substrates
Inclusion of InGaAs in AlGaAs QWs extends the emission wavelength to 1.3μm.

1 June 2022

UV-C LEDs with external quantum efficiency up to 8%
Achieving improved performance from growth on ‘face-to-face’ annealed sputtered AlN templates on sapphire.

1 June 2022

Microcavity QCL in CW operation at +5°C
Potential applications include photonic ICs and sensing outside the laboratory.