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26 September 2022

Oxford Instruments and ITRI develop recessed-gate GaN MISHEMT

Atomic layer etch used in pilot-production line to boost GaN HEMT performance

23 September 2022

Toray and A*STAR’s IME co-developing high-heat-dissipating adhesive sheets for SiC power semiconductors

New Toray Singapore Research Center to provide support

23 September 2022

US DoE grants $10.3m to establish first Energy Frontier Research Center in Arkansas

Center for Manipulation of Atomic Ordering for Manufacturing Semiconductors to investigate short-range order in alloys

22 September 2022

ELPHiC sampling InP integrated optics/electronics PIN receiver, eliminating APDs

Sampling dates for EML for 224Gb/s applications to be announced soon

22 September 2022
Boron nitride pulsed laser deposition
Ultrawide bandgap could lead to optoelectronic and high-power applications.
22 September 2022

onsemi expands Czech silicon carbide wafer and epi fab

Production capacity to rise 16-fold over next two years

22 September 2022

BluGlass’ Silicon Valley GaN laser fab now contributing to tech roadmaps

Short-loop development runs in progress following regulatory approvals

21 September 2022

VCSEL market to grow at 19.2% CAGR from $1.6bn in 2022 to $3.9bn in 2027

Datacom sector growing at 22.2%, regaining lead from mobile & consumer sector growing at 15.7%

19 September 2022

First Solar to supply 600MW of Series 7 CdTe PV modules to Azure Power

Launch customer for modules made in India by First Solar

15 September 2022

Ancora raises NT$456m from ROHM, SAS, uPI and Delta

First-round funding to accelerate GaN power device development

15 September 2022

Odyssey achieves 1200V rating on vertical GaN power devices

Product samples due in Q4/2022 for customer evaluation from Q1/2023

15 September 2022

BluGlass joins UCSB’s Solid-State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center consortium

RPCVD developer gains access to GaN faculty and facilities, accelerating its laser product roadmaps

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News Features
8 September 2022
Optically pumped yellow InGaN edge-emitting laser
Stepping stone towards electrical pumping shows material quality competent for future development
1 September 2022
Room-temperature CW InGaAs 980nm laser diodes on on-axis silicon
Progress towards light emitters directly integrated on silicon OEIC platform.
25 August 2022
MOCVD Ohmic InGaN tunnel junction growth
Structure displays linear conduction under forward and reverse bias.
18 August 2022
Nanorod blue LED sidewall passivation
Researchers claim highest efficiency achieved so far at the nano-scale.
12 August 2022
Color-tuning in V-groove InGaN μLEDs
Single device capable of covering sRGB monitor, printer, internet color space
1 August 2022
Enhancing MOCVD N-polar LEDs
Researchers optimize quantum barrier growth to reduce hexagonal hillock formation and zincblende inclusions
Feature Downloads
31 August 2022

Gallium oxide power switching
A US-based team has reported a record Huang material figure of merit for β-Ga2O3 MESFETs without field plates.

31 August 2022

Buffers for GaN power on AlN substrate
Closer thermal expansion performance could enable larger-diameter growth substrates.

31 August 2022

Stabilizing colors for micro-displays
Sheffield University proposes micro-cavity III-nitride micro-LEDs.

31 August 2022

Full-color μLED pixels for displays and optical near-field communication
Researchers in China have claimed the highest data rates for multi-color LEDs.

31 August 2022

Green QD μLED multi-Gbps visible light communication
Researchers claim record offline distance-rate product of 10Gbps-m.

31 July 2022

Optical transceiver market growing at 15% CAGR to $24.7m in 2027
New applications are driving an expanding data-center infrastructure sector, says Yole.

11 July 2022

AlN doping for future deep UV/power tech
Researchers achieve state-of-the-art n-type doping and PN homojunctions in AlN.

11 July 2022

InGaAs/AlGaAs nanowires on silicon substrates
Inclusion of InGaAs in AlGaAs QWs extends the emission wavelength to 1.3μm.