22 April 2024

EV DC charging system market to reach $23.7bn by 2029

Intelligent DC charging heralds burgeoning market for silicon carbide technology

22 April 2024

US DOD awards 5N Plus $14.4m to enhance space-qualified germanium substrate supply

St. George, Utah facility to be upgraded and expanded over four years

19 April 2024

Aixtron wins German Innovation Award

Deposition equipment maker first among ‘large companies’

19 April 2024

Wolfspeed orders multiple Aixtron G10-SiC systems to support ramp-up of 200mm epi production

Tools to support expansion at Durham campus and The JP

18 April 2024
III–nitride UV photonic circuits on silicon
Researchers demonstrate system comprising monitor, LED, modulator, and photodetector.
18 April 2024

EU-funded Chips JU selects four new pilot lines to be implemented in Europe

Wide-bandgap pilot line for system-in-package fabrication at Finland’s Tampere University

17 April 2024

TriEye and Vertilas demo 1.3µm VCSEL-driven SWIR sensing solutions

Collaboration showcases CMOS-based SWIR camera and InP VCSEL technology

16 April 2024

PhotonVentures’ second fundraising round of €15m raises total to €75m

Target of over €100m for initial fund by end 2024

16 April 2024

ams OSRAM and DOMINANT collaborate to advance automotive ambient lighting

Partners to increase compatibility for future generations of LEDs and sensors

15 April 2024

South Korea’s RFHIC invests in epiwafer supplier SweGaN

Firms to focus on joint R&D and new product development

15 April 2024

Q-Pixel debuts highest-resolution active-matrix color display

6800PPI of 3K x 1.5K-resolution 1.1cm x 0.6cm screen surpasses existing state-of-the-art displays

15 April 2024

Riber’s annual revenue grows 41% to €39.3m, driven by systems revenue almost doubling

Full-year income rises from €0.2m to €3.4m

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News Features
11 April 2024
HEMTs with 3C-SiC on 4H-SiC interfaces
Researchers claim first device on little-studied structure.
4 April 2024
High-power 1.55μm CW laser diodes on silicon
Ion-cutting of thin InP onto Si substrate for III-V epitaxy.
21 March 2024
Layer transfer of III-N MEMS through 2D hexagonal boron nitride
Researchers fabricate free-standing structures on silicon micro-cavities.
14 March 2024
Cascading VCSELs to boost power efficiency
Room-temperature performance comparable with edge-emitting devices.
8 March 2024
Recycling GaN for vertical power device performance
Researchers see potential cost savings for key electric vehicle markets.
1 March 2024
First true ternary near-IR III–V nanowire-lasers
Silicon transparent wavelengths achieved at near to room temperature.
Feature Downloads
1 April 2024

Silicon carbide substrate costs falling as larger diameters adopted
Number of 8-inch SiC fabs under construction or planned globally reaches 11.

1 April 2024

Fully vertical GaN-on-SiC Schottkys with low on-resistance
Replacing complex buffer with ultrathin AlGaN significantly enhances performance.

1 April 2024

Carbon removal for boosting GaN electron mobility
Researchers report record maximum and room-temperature values of electron mobility in gallium nitride and explore the impact of carbon contamination on mobility.

1 April 2024

UCSB reports first N-polar InAlGaN HEMT
Researchers demonstrate devices with very low 179Ω/square sheet resistance channel.

1 April 2024

Probing InGaN RGB micro-LEDs on silicon
Researchers seek to guide future improvements.

1 April 2024

Green photonic-crystal surface-emitting lasers
Using 2D lattice structures of different refractive index materials to control optical behavior allows greater single-mode, low-divergent beam quality at higher power.

1 March 2024

Red InGaN micro-LEDs on freestanding substrates
Researchers claim the first reports for such devices below 5μm.

1 March 2024

Compound semiconductor substrate market growing at 17% CAGR to $3.3bn in 2029
Markets fueled by strong growth in power electronics and photonics, says Yole Développement.