21 June 2024

TI and Delta collaborating on EV on-board charging

Joint innovation lab to enable Delta to leverage TI’s digital control and GaN technology to enhance power density and performance of EV power systems

21 June 2024

BAE and GlobalFoundries collaborate on supply of essential semiconductors for US national security programs

Focus on US chip manufacturing and joint R&D for advanced chip technologies including GaN-on-Si

21 June 2024

Infineon launches CoolGaN 700V G4 power transistor product family

13 devices with RDS(on) spanning 20–315mΩ in various packages enable power systems from 20W to 25,000W

20 June 2024

Renesas completes acquisition of Transphorm

Renesas introduces 15 new GaN-based reference designs

20 June 2024
GaN HEMTs on 8-inch sapphire
Researchers seek to reduce production costs for devices with blocking voltages beyond 1200V.
20 June 2024

Cambridge start-up Wave Photonics raises £4.5m in seed funding

Funds to be used to develop on-chip photonics designs for quantum technologies, sensors, and data-center applications

20 June 2024

ST remains largest silicon carbide power device maker, with 32.6% market share

onsemi rises from fourth to second; top five players comprise 91.9% of revenue

20 June 2024

Shipments of mini-LED backlight LCD displays to surpass OLED displays in 2025

LCD TV displays with mini-LED backlight unit to grow from 6.2 million in 2024 to 9.3 million in 2025

19 June 2024

onsemi selects Czech Republic to establish $2bn end-to-end silicon carbide production for power semiconductors

Firm onsemi is cooperating with Czech government on incentive package to support investment

19 June 2024

Seoul Viosys files LED patent lawsuit against US-based home lighting firm Feit

LED lighting products alleged to infringe six technologies jointly developed by Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys

18 June 2024

SiCSem to collaborate with Indian Institute of Technology to develop compound semiconductor ecosystem in Bhubaneswar

First project to indigenize silicon carbide crystal growth at IIT Bhubaneswar

17 June 2024

WIN releases moisture rugged 0.1µm GaAs pHEMT technology

PP10-29 supports amplifier designs through E-band and provides wafer-level moisture resistance for bHAST requirements in low-cost plastic packages

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News Features
13 June 2024
Etching-free pixel definition for InGaN micro-LEDs
Selective thermal oxidation proposed as viable alternative to plasma etch.
6 June 2024
InP-on-insulator substrates for 2.1μm lasers on silicon
Ion-slicing technique could enable lower-cost production of optoelectronics.
22 May 2024
Reversing size effects in cyan-green micro-LEDs
Researchers fabricate QD LEDs with M-plane sidewalls with much reduced surface damage
17 May 2024
Sumitomo presents pore-assisted free-standing GaN
Researchers hope technique will enable larger substrates beyond 100mm.
9 May 2024
Poly- MoS2 FETs integrated on 200mm substrate
Researchers report performance comparable to single-crystal devices.
2 May 2024
PCSEL emits at more than 300mW CW at 1550nm wavelength
Potential applications include communications and eye-safe LiDAR.
Feature Downloads
31 May 2024

HEMTs with 3C-SiC on 4H-SiC interfaces
Researchers claim fabrication of the first device on a little-studied structure.

31 May 2024

Reconstituted silicon wafers with III–V and silicon dies
A fab-compatible process enables the co-integration of III-V materials and silicon with no detectable impact on performance.

31 May 2024

High-power 1.55μm CW laser diodes on silicon
Ion-cutting of a thin InP buffer layer onto a silicon substrate for III-V epitaxy.

31 May 2024

III–nitride ultraviolet photonic circuits on silicon
Researchers demonstrate system comprising monitor, LED, modulator, and photodetector.

31 May 2024

Micro-LED IP plateaus after seven years of exponential growth
Over $12bn has been spent by the micro-LED industry, including $3bn by Apple before its exit, says Yole Développement.

30 April 2024

Recycling GaN for vertical power device performance
Researchers see potential cost savings for key electric vehicle markets.

30 April 2024

Layer transfer of III–N MEMS via 2D hexagonal boron nitride
Researchers fabricate free-standing structures on silicon micro-cavities.

30 April 2024

Cascading VCSELs to boost power efficiency
Room-temperature performance comparable with edge-emitting devices.