29 November 2023

Transphorm quarterly product revenue grows 18% sequentially to higher-than-expected $3.55m

Five-year pipeline opportunity increased by 5% from $450m to over $475m

28 November 2023

EVG completes construction of Manufacturing V building

Extra 1200m2 of production floor space and more than 1200m2 of warehouse space

28 November 2023

Navitas’ revenue grows 22% sequentially in Q3

Launch of four new technology platforms across GaN and SiC to drive above-market revenue growth

28 November 2023

CSA Catapult receives £4m to deliver resilient future telecoms network for UK

New Innovate UK funding coincides with launch of Future Telecoms Hub in Bristol

27 November 2023

Veeco’s Q3 revenue and profits exceed guidance

Full-year 2023 revenue and profit guidance raised again

24 November 2023

European research project PROGRESSUS boosts power grid resilience

Infineon-led project integrated ultra-fast sensors and SiC MOSFETs into power converters

24 November 2023

AXT’s Q3 GaAs revenue hit by China export restrictions, offset by rebound in InP

First China export licenses received in second-half September, but inventory digestion to continue into 2024

23 November 2023

Aixtron begins constructing new €100m innovation center

First systems to be installed in second-half 2024, for official handover in early 2025

23 November 2023
Stacking p-down green LEDs using tunnel junctions
Reducing injection current enhances wall-plug efficiency.
23 November 2023

US DOE announces $42m in funding for first 15 projects in ULTRAFAST program

Wide-bandgap and ultra-wide bandgap technologies to boost power grid efficiency and resiliency

22 November 2023

Nichia adds in-house production of red laser chips to production of blue and green

Packaged products incorporating own red laser chip to be sold from spring 2024

22 November 2023

Wolfspeed reports quarterly revenue, gross margin and EPS at high-end of guidance ranges

Mohawk Valley Fab on track to reach 20% utilization in June 2024 quarter

AFC Industries
Pfeiffer Vacuum
ETA Research
News Features
16 November 2023
Full-color active-matrix micro-LED micro-displays
Flip-chip-bonded micro-LED arrays feature 391 pixels per inch (ppi) density and “decent” color gamut.
8 November 2023
Nickel nanoparticle lift to p-GaN-free deep-UV LEDs
Lower contact resistance and higher light extraction give cooler-running chips.
1 November 2023
Extracting efficiency contributions for sub-10μm LEDs
Opposing trends in LEE and IQE affect optimum size for maximum EQE.
1 November 2023
Next Level Epitaxy for aluminium nitride thin films
Element 3–5 GmbH describes a novel approach for the mass production of semiconductor materials
26 October 2023
RF sputtering of gallium oxide on diamond
Researchers claim the first hetero-epitaxial growth of β-Ga2O3 on diamond.
19 October 2023
Fully in-situ roughening for ultrathin III-V solar cells
Increased light-trapping increases short-circuit current by 5%.
Feature Downloads
6 November 2023

Recessing metal contacts for gallium nitride transistors
Researchers in Sweden have achieved low ohmic contact resistance together with low annealing temperature.

6 November 2023

Next Level Epitaxy for aluminium nitride thin films
Element 3–5 GmbH describes a novel approach for the mass production of semiconductor materials.

6 November 2023

GaN:AlN superlattice UVC LEDs boost light extraction
Australia’s Silanna UV has achieved radiant flux of 17.4mW at 1A injection — a new record for a far-UVC LED grown on sapphire substrate.

6 November 2023

Fabricating 330ppi monolithic GaInN RGB pixels
Device development targets head-mounted displays and smart glasses.

6 November 2023

Germanium–tin MQW LEDs on 12-inch silicon substrate
Researchers claim the largest-diameter wafer so far opens way to mass production.

15 October 2023

Gallium oxide flash memory
Device demonstrates memory window of 4V and 5000s retention time.

15 October 2023

Balancing charge to boost Ga2O3 breakdown beyond 10kV
Result beats previous Ga2O3 device reports, along with giving thermal stability up to 200°C.

15 October 2023

Silicon-based InAs QD laser operation above 150°C
Devices also show ultra-high thermal stability of thresholds and slope efficiency.