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8 June 2023
AlScN ferroelectric FETs for monolithic 3D NVM integration
Structure could increase device density and boost data processing speeds.
8 June 2023

Mitsubishi Electric develops SBD-embedded SiC-MOSFET with new structure for power modules

New chip structure prevents surge-current crowding in specific chips

7 June 2023

ST and Sanan creating 200mm SiC device fab JV in China

Sanan to build 200mm SiC substrate plant to feed JV

7 June 2023

Smartphone production falls by record 19.5% year-on-year to ten-year quarterly low of 250 million units in Q1/2023

Q2 to rebound by 5% to 260 million, but still down 10% year-on-year

6 June 2023

Navitas announces full exercise of underwriters’ option to purchase additional shares

Gross proceeds of public offering rise from $80m to $92m

5 June 2023

Nidec and Renesas collaborate on SiC and GaN for EV E-Axle systems

Proof of concept by end-2023 to feature 6-in-1 system with DC–DC converter, OBC and power distribution unit as well as motor, inverter and gearbox

5 June 2023

CEA-Leti proof of concept demonstrates higher electrons mobility in germanium tin than in silicon or germanium

Vertical GeSn transistors may enable low-power, high-performance chips and quantum computers

2 June 2023

New Space Enterprise Lab opens at CSA Catapult in South Wales

Lab to provide collaborative technology, resources and expertise to space organizations and academic institutions

2 June 2023
GeSn VCSE p-i-n diodes bonded on 200mm silicon wafers
Vertical-cavity enhances emissions by factors up to 8
1 June 2023

NUBURU and GE Additive sign joint development agreement

Blue laser technology to improve speed and accuracy of laser-based metal additive manufacturing

1 June 2023

After 23% drop in 23% in 2022, LED chip market to rebound by 5% to $2.92bn in 2023

Prices of low-power light chips to surge by 3–5%

1 June 2023

MACOM completes acquisition of OMMIC

Facility to be foundation of new European Semiconductor Center

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News Features
25 May 2023
InAs quantum dot lasers on silicon carbide substrate
Laser diodes show enhanced thermal stability with 221K characteristic temperature.
18 May 2023
All-MOCVD 980nm laser on (001) silicon
Potential for optical fiber and IP network communication systems
11 May 2023
Record sub-micron LED red emission efficiency
Device external quantum efficiency reaches 8.3% at 1A/cm2 injection.
4 May 2023
Thick single quantum well InGaN LEDs with high external quantum efficiency and low droop
Optimized doped barriers used to reduce internal electric fields.
27 April 2023
InAs quantum dot lasers butt-coupled to SOI waveguides
Researchers claim first monolithic epitaxial growth on SOI templates.
21 April 2023
Red InGaN LEDs for visible light communication
Performance shifts with current injection could also lead to color displays
Feature Downloads
2 May 2023

CSA Catapult celebrates fifth anniversary
Highlights of CSA Catapult’s first five years include delivering £14m of collaborative R&D projects; leveraging £177m of direct investment; and creating or safeguarding over 5000 jobs across the UK.

2 May 2023

Commercialization of 800V for EVs to play crucial role in growth strategy of OEMs
Substrates & epi comprise nearly 70% of the SiC value chain, says Research In China.

2 May 2023

GaN on silicon through surface-activated bonding
Annealing of bonded materials allows tuning of the interface structure.

2 May 2023

Green exciton emission from nanowire micro-LEDs
Devices demonstrate record EQEs up to 25%.

2 May 2023

MOVPE core–shell AlGaN nanorods for UV emission
A hybrid top-down/bottom-up process improves lattice matching.

2 May 2023

First transverse DUV-LEDs without n-AlGaN layers
Emission intensity has been doubled over conventional device performance.

2 May 2023

Indium arsenide quantum dot lasers on silicon with simple GaAs buffer
Avoiding a complex structure is expected to promote photonic integration.

30 March 2023

Amorphous p-NiO/n-Ga2O3 crystal solar-blind detection
Researchers claim record UV detectivity and open-circuit voltage.