AES Semigas

Matheson Gas
10 August 2022

MICLEDI launches first micro-LED devices with integrated micro-lenses

Integrated micro-lenses in tightly pitched device allows pixel-level beam shaping

1 August 2022
Enhancing MOCVD N-polar LEDs
Researchers optimize quantum barrier growth to reduce hexagonal hillock formation and zincblende inclusions
26 July 2022

Lowe’s offering AquiSense’s UV-C LED water disinfection systems

PearlAqua Deca and AutoMate available online for point-of-entry and point-of-use applications

20 July 2022

UIUC demos cubic GaN on large-area U-grooved silicon (100) dies

Selective etching of hexagonal-phase GaN boosts internal quantum efficiency to 31.6%

15 July 2022

Luminus launches rugged flip-chip mid-power 3030 LED

High lumens/Watt for high-performance outdoor lighting and harsh-environment applications

14 July 2022

SemiLEDs’ quarterly revenue falls back from $2.176m to $1.784m

Net loss up from $172,000 to $916,000

8 July 2022
Green QD micro-LED multi-Gbps visible light communication
Researchers claim record offline distance-rate product of 10Gbps-m
30 June 2022
Full-color μLED pixels for displays and optical near-field communication
Researchers claim highest data rates for multi-color LEDs