AES Semigas

Samsung Foundry Forum & Safe Forum
2 December 2022
Monolithic GaN optoelectronics on silicon
Fabricated device includes transmitter, modulator, waveguide, beam splitter, receivers and monitor
25 November 2022

OpenLight makes available PDK for first unified electronic and photonic design platform

Fast, accurate and reliable photonic IC designs with on-chip lasers

24 November 2022
Continuous-wave InGaN microdisk laser diodes on (100)-oriented silicon
Thermal resistance reduced by 32.5% relative to reference on Si(111)
24 November 2022

Kyocera develops smallest GaN laser chip mass produced from silicon substrate

New process creates functioning 100μm-long micro-light sources with higher yield, lower cost

24 November 2022

Ganvix partners with BluGlass to develop green GaN VCSELs

BluGlass’ RPCVD complements Ganvix’s DBR technology

24 November 2022

Scantinel raises €10m in Series A funding from PhotonDelta, Scania and ZEISS

Funds to be used to roll out FMCW LiDAR devices to customers for AVs and industry

21 November 2022

BluGlass demos feasible reliability of GaN laser diodes

Lasers pass 500 hours of continuous operation with stable optical and electrical performance

14 November 2022

Lumentum’s high-speed DMLs to be used in POET’s 400G FR4 transmit optical engines

Chiplets enable 400G/800G/1.6T pluggable transceivers for hyperscale data centers