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25 September 2023

Cambridge GaN Devices incorporates individual 2D barcode on GaN ICs

Manufacturing position on wafer identified using commercial code reader

21 September 2023
Recessing metal contacts for GaN transistors
Researchers achieve low contact resistance with low annealing temperature.
21 September 2023

Infineon providing 1200V CoolSiC MOSFETs for Infypower’s EV charger stations

Infypower’s 30kW DC EV charging module efficiency boosted by 1%

21 September 2023

Teledyne e2v HiRel releases rad-tolerant L- and S-band RF LNA for space & radar applications

Gain of 21dB for 1–6GHz with sub-0.37dB noise figure and 19dBm output

20 September 2023

IQE and VisIC to co-develop D-Mode GaN power devices for EVs

200mm GaN power epiwafers to be developed at IQE’s UK facilities

18 September 2023

Gallium Semiconductor makes available first ISM CW amplifier

Broadband efficiency of >72% for ISM applications in standard air-cavity footprint with minimal tuning

18 September 2023

European Semiconductor Regions Alliance launched

Wales joins 27 regions in 12 EU member states to make most of EU Chips Act

15 September 2023

Navitas presenting silicon carbide technology at ICSCRM

GeneSiC power MOSFETs and Schottky MPS diodes span EV, data center, solar and appliance/industrial applications