What is a digital magazine?

Semiconductor Today is a digital magazine and online resource for the compound semiconductor and advanced silicon industries. With a targeted international circulation, the magazine and online resource provide a highly effective and costcompetitive means to reach your audience. Digital magazines are accessed via a hyperlink delivered by e-mail. No special software is required: the link can be opened by any internet browser. Once accessed, the digital magazine has the appearance of a printed magazine, but on-screen.

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What are the benefits of a digital magazine?

Digital magazines offer a sophisticated range of advertising options, such as audio/video content, which can be used to create greater impact. All websites cited within the magazine are hyperlinks, enabling the reader to respond to advertising instantly.

Rapid delivery

Printed magazines take several weeks to produce and deliver, especially to inaccessible countries. The result is outdated content. However, digital magazines can be produced quickly and delivered instantly, even to geographical regions that cannot be served efficiently with printed mail. Typically, readers receive Semiconductor Today within 2 days of it being completed. All this is an obvious advantage to the reader, as well as to the advertiser.

Unlimited distribution

Print publishers limit the number of copies of each issue they distribute to keep their costs low. However, digital magazines are inexpensive to distribute, regardless of reader volumes, allowing you to reach every decision maker and everyone with purchasing influence within your target markets. Digital magazines also enable greater pass-on readership.

Cost effective

Digital magazines are inexpensive to publish; there are no print and postage charges, so Semiconductor Today can pass the production savings onto its advertisers.

And it is environmentally friendly, too!

What does Semiconductor Today cover?

Semiconductor Today’s editorial coverage includes: III-V materials such as GaAs, InP, and GaN; II-VI materials such as CdHgTe and ZnSe; and IV-IV materials such as SiC and SiGe, as well as advanced silicon technology such as strained silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOI). Applications include wireless communications, fiber-optic communications, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and solar cells. Close attention will be given to areas where the compound and advanced silicon industries converge.

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Editorial calendar 2024

Issue 1: February 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
III-Vs on silicon Advertising copy: February 1
Solar photovoltaics Distribution: February 29
Issue 2: March 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
UV LEDs Advertising copy: March 1
Optoelectronics for communications Distribution: March 31
Issue 3: April 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
Advanced silicon Advertising copy: April 1
Power electronics (GaN, SiC, etc.) Distribution: April 30
Issue 4: May 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
Epitaxy (MOCVD, MBE, etc) Advertising copy: May 1
GaN RF technology Distribution: May 31
Issue 5: June 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
GaAs technology Advertising copy: June 1
SiC developments Distribution: June 30
Issue 6: July / August 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
InP & photonic integration Advertising copy: July 1
Micro-LEDs Distribution: July 31
Issue 7: September 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
Nitride materials and devices Advertising copy: September 1
Solar photovoltaics Distribution: September 30
Issue 8: October 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
SiC materials and devices Advertising copy: October 1
Lasers (VCSELs, etc) Distribution: October 31
Issue 9: November 2024
Featured topics Deadlines
GaAs technology Advertising copy: November 1
Two-dimensional materials Distribution: November 30
Issue 10: December 2024 / January 2025
Featured topics Deadlines
LED technology Advertising copy: December 1
Nitride manufacturing Distribution: December 31


Note: Distribution dates are given as a guideline only, and are subject to change without prior notice. For confirmed dates please contact:

Semiconductor Today: Readership

Semiconductor Today is primarily aimed at professionals working in both integrated device manufacturing fabs and foundries worldwide, producing either compound semiconductor or advanced silicon materials-based microelectronic and optoelectronic semiconductors.

Digital magazine

Published 10 times per year, each issue of Semiconductor Today magazine, and the weekly E-Brief, is now emailed to 108,516 individual scientists, engineers, and executives involved in the manufacturing of compound semiconductor and advanced silicon materials and devices. (Based on October 2023 figures).


Semiconductor Today‘s website publishes daily news updates, making it a first choice for industry professionals who want to be kept fully up to date with accurate and timely information. Furthermore, all news items appearing on the Semiconductor Today website stories are edited, ensuring that nothing is published unless it meets the highest editorial standards.

Semiconductor Today is a Google listed news source, which means that each news item on the site appears in relevant Google news alerts. We also offer RSS feeds, so that interested parties can receive news the instant it is posted to the site.

On average, Semiconductor Today’s website now receives 32,773 unique visitors each month, and this figure continues to grow. (Based on October 2023 figures).

Semiconductor Today has an open-access policy: all magazine and website material is available free of charge and free of access restrictions.

The circulation of Semiconductor Today is distributed by organization type and by geographical region in the proportions shown below.


Advertising rates

Rates for x1 and x2 insertions charged at 75% of x3 total package rate, per insertion.

All x6 and x10 display advertising packages include an enhanced Supplier Directory listing, including a logo and 25-word company promotion.

All advertising appearing in the digital magazine will also appear in the printed version of Semiconductor Today for distribution at trade events, such as CS MANTECH.

Solus mail outs and banner/text promotional options in the electronic weekly news-brief are also available.

If you would like your printed brochure or promotional material converted to a digital format and emailed with Semiconductor Today, please ask for rates.

Digital magazine package rate card

$ USD Rate x3 Package x6 Package x10 Package
Double page      
Total $8,100.00 $13,800.00 $17,900.00
Full page      
Total $6,900.00 $11,400.00 $13,900.00
Half page      
Total $5,850.00 $10,200.00 $11,900.00
Third page      
Total $5,100.00 $8,700.00 $10,000.00
Directory listing * * *
Total * * $1,990.00
£ GBP Rate x3 Package x6 Package x10 Package
Double page      
Total £4,850.00 £8,250.00 £10,750.00
Full page      
Total £4,100.00 £6,850.00 £8,350.00
Half page      
Total £3,500.00 £6,100.00 £7,150.00
Third page      
Total £3,050.00 £5,200.00 £6,000.00
Directory listing * * *
Total * * £995.00
€ Euro Rate x3 Package x6 Package x10 Package
Double page      
Total € 5,871.00 € 10,002.00 € 12,970.00
Full page      
Total € 5,001.00 € 8,262.00 € 10,070.00
Half page      
Total € 4,239.00 € 7,392.00 € 8,620.00
Third page      
Total € 3,696.00 € 6,306.00 € 7,250.00
Directory listing * * *
Total * * € 1450.00

Note: Stated rate is the total for the package.


Website banners

With the introduction of our redesigned and improved website at, we now provide a range of banner positions that can be targeted at specific industry sectors.

Our Home page and News Story pages attract the most traffic and so banners on these pages are charged at a premium. Large, prime positon banners start at $12,500.00 / €10,500.00 / £9,000.00 for one year. Small and medium size banners start at $6500.00 / €5,500 / £4,500.

Many of the prime positions are booked early in the year as part of a year-long schedule of advertising, so please contact Darren ( to check availability and exact pricing. Note: Discount banner pricing is available when booked as part of a package that includes magazine and/or e-newsletter advertising.

All rates listed on this page are current at the time of posting and are definitive, superseding rates listed in our 2021 Media Kit.

Copy requirements

We prefer to receive advertising material in the form of TIFF, EPS or JPEG graphics files, but we also accept PDF files. Please supply your material to the correct size (preferably without crop marks) and at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

We accept advertising material by e-mail or on CD-ROM.

Page/trim size: 213 mm x 282 mm (8 38 in x 11 18 in)
Bleed page: 219 mm x 288 mm (8 58 in x 11 38 in)
Full page (text area): 193 mm x 262 mm (7 58 in x 10 28 in)
Half island page: 120 mm x 193 mm (4 34 in x 7 58 in)
Half horizontal page: 193 mm x 125 mm (7 in x 4 78 in)
Half vertical page: 91 mm x 262 mm (3 12 in x 9 78 in)
Third vertical page: 63 mm x 262 mm (2 38 in x 9 78 in)
Third square page: 125 mm x 125 mm (4 78 in x 4 78 in)
Quarter page: 91 mm x 125 mm (3 38 in x 4 78 in)


Contact details

To place your order, or for more information, please contact Darren:

Darren Cummings
Semiconductor Today, Commercial Director / Assistant Editor
Tel:+44 (0)121 2880779
Cell: +44 (0)7990 623395
Fax: +44 (0)1242 291482

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