AES Semigas

20 June 2024

ST remains largest silicon carbide power device maker, with 32.6% market share

onsemi rises from fourth to second; top five players comprise 91.9% of revenue

20 June 2024

Shipments of mini-LED backlight LCD displays to surpass OLED displays in 2025

LCD TV displays with mini-LED backlight unit to grow from 6.2 million in 2024 to 9.3 million in 2025

4 June 2024

Micro-LED chip market growing at 84% CAGR to $579m by 2028

Increasing focus on head-mounted devices and automotive applications

28 May 2024

SiC and GaN power semiconductor market growing at 22.9% CAGR from $1.41bn in 2024 to $11.08bn in 2034

Silicon carbide power module sales to reach $3.64bn by 2034

17 May 2024

Micro-LED IP plateaus after seven years of exponential growth

Over $12bn spent by micro-LED industry, including $3bn by Apple before its exit

22 April 2024

EV DC charging system market to reach $23.7bn by 2029

Intelligent DC charging heralds burgeoning market for silicon carbide technology

2 April 2024

LED market to rebound by 3% to $13bn in 2024

Automotive LED market to grow to $3.4bn

25 March 2024

Silicon carbide substrate costs falling as larger diameters adopted

Number of 8-inch SiC fabs under construction or planned globally reaches 11


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