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Matheson Gas
10 August 2022

Micro-LED transparent AR smart glasses chip market to grow to $38.3m by 2026

Concepts launched by over 10 branded manufacturers since 2021

9 August 2022

Optical transceiver market growing at 15% CAGR to $24.7m in 2027

New applications drive expanding data-center infrastructure sector

14 July 2022

Automotive SiC power component market to grow to $1bn in 2022 then $3.94bn by 2026

Manufacturers moving up supply chain to secure substrate materials

29 June 2022

Micro-LED AR smart glass display chip market to jump from $5m in 2025 to $41m in 2026

Maturity of red chip, laser transfer, wafer bonding and full-colorization technologies to boost yield and reduce production costs

13 June 2022

Power GaN device market growing at 59% CAGR to $2bn in 2027

Consumer to comprise 48% of market, but datacom/telecom and automotive/mobility growing at 69% and 97% CAGRs

10 June 2022

RF GaN device market growth slowed to 10% in 2021 as Huawei ends buffering of trade sanctions

Base station rebound, plus defense growth, to push revenue past $2.1bn in 2026

7 June 2022

LED package market grew 15.4% to $17.65bn in 2021

Market to grow more slowly in 2022