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24 April 2008


LayTec introduces In-situ Monitoring Award

LayTec GmbH of Berlin, Germany has introduced the In-situ Monitoring Award, which will be presented at the International Conference of Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE 2008) in Metz, France for the best in-situ related contribution. The firm will award EUR 1000.00 in recognition of outstanding contributions to MOVPE by applying optical in-situ sensors. Both, basic growth studies and device related monitoring applications either from academia or industry are eligible.

Contributions for the award will be evaluated by the ICMOVPE program committee and assisting international experts in the field of in-situ studies. The award will be presented at the ICMOVPE banquet on June 5.

Interested parties may register to participate by visiting the ICMOVPE website at:

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