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21 April 2008


Saint-Gobain acquires GaN substrate maker Lumilog

France-based materials maker Saint-Gobain says that, at the beginning of April, it acquired Lumilog of Vallauris, France (in the Sophia-Antipolis Technological Park), which is now operating as a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Spun off from the Center of Hetero-Epitaxie Research and Applications (CHREA) of France’s National Scientific Research Center’s (CNRS) in 2001 by Jean-Pierre Faurie (president), Bernard Beaumont (director/production manager) and Pierre Gibart (VP of supervisory board), Luminog manufactures HVPE -grown free-standing bulk gallium nitride substrates as well as MOCVD-grown 2-inch gallium nitride template epiwafers on sapphire substrates, for both optoelectronic and microelectronic applications. Investors included Banexi Ventures Partners, Emertec Gestion, Sophia Euro Lab SAS and TechFund Capital. In 2007, Lumilog had a turnover of €2m.

Previously, in October 2006, Saint-Gobain’s main corporate research center, Saint-Gobain Recherche (SGR), signed an 18 month agreement to jointly develop commercial, engineered substrates for Australian GaN-on-glass developer BluGlass Ltd, leading in March 2007 to BluGlass demonstrating blue-light emission from a GaN LED structure.

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