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9 April 2008


Obducat and Canon MJ win first joint NIL deals in Japan

Obducat AB of Malmo, Sweden has received two orders for nano imprint lithography (NIL) systems from Canon Marketing Japan (CMJ): a semi-automatic Sindre production system for manufacturing LED components, and a development system for display applications (both for delivery in third-quarter 2008). The total value of the orders to the end customers (both major international firms based in Japan) is about SEK10m.

The Sindre deal also entails agreed prices on expendable items; sales of these are expected to generate further revenues at the end customer in excess of SEK10m over the next 3-5 years. Development using the system for displays is expected to result in products for field testing as early as this year, and high volume manufacturing in 2009.

Obducat’s CEO Patrik Lundström reckons that the firm is now cementing its position as a leading provider in NIL-based LED production, as well as gaining a strong foothold in displays. “Both applications are within Obducat’s focus areas. With regard to the display application, it is the first industrial step towards imprint solutions for larger areas, presenting a significant market potential,” he says. “These two orders are the first outcome of a year of intensive collaboration between Obducat and Canon MJ,” he adds. Obducat signed an exclusive Japan distribution agreement with Canon MJ in January 2007 (around the time that Sindre was launched). “Both deals will now be vital endorsements for further activities in Japan.”

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