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22 April 2008


Opnext Japan VP receives award for 10Gb/s work

Optical module and component manufacturer Opnext Inc of Eatontown, NJ, USA says that the New Technology Development Foundation of Tokyo has awarded Atsushi Takai, VP of marketing, Opnext Japan Inc, with the 40 th annual Ichimura Industrial Award for his work with 10Gb/s devices and transceivers. Also recognized were Shigehisa Tanaka and Shinji Tsuji from Hitachi Ltd, Central Research Laboratory. The presentation of the award will be held this Friday 25 April at the Hotel Okura, Tokyo, Japan.

Takai’s 10Gb/s work is a result of collaboration between Opnext and Hitachi, Ltd’s Central Research Laboratory (founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, Opnext was spun-out of Hitachi’s fiber-optic components business in 2001). Since 2000, the two firms have worked together in a long-term partnership on optical devices and transmission technology.

“Being at Opnext has offered me an exciting opportunity to work with world class researchers on projects of great consequence to the development of 10Gbit technologies,” says Takai.

“All of the recipients of this award work every day to advance current broadband technologies,” says Opnext Japan’s president Kei Oki. “Their work reminds us of the importance of continued investment in technology and the need for increased emphasis on basic research for corporations.”

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