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7 April 2008


QPC ships custom, miniaturized 300W Ultra laser to US defense contractor

QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA, which designs and manufactures high-power lasers for the consumer, industrial, defense, and medical markets, says that it has shipped a compact custom Ultra laser exceeding 300W to a US Government prime contractor for an undisclosed defense application. By deploying its proprietary BrightLock chip technology in its high-brightness Ultra fiber-coupled product platform, the compact high-performance laser is the size of a small laptop.

The BrightLock Ultra is one of QPC’s Generation III products announced in late 2007. The firm says that its BrightLock laser chip technology enables compact laser footprints by reducing system cooling requirements and eliminating the need for external components which are expensive, bulky and require routine maintenance. In particular, the Ultra is a high-performance laser engine, featuring a compact, lightweight footprint that uses an on-chip technology to produce a narrow stable emission spectrum designed for energizing solid-state and fiber-laser systems.

QPC claims that its Generation III technology (developed in part under US Government contracts) offers up to a ten-fold improvement in cost, size, weight, power consumption, and ruggedness compared to existing conventional non-chip-based technology in solid-state and gas lasers, which it aims to replace. Also, QPC’s technology offers significantly reduced power consumption, which is particularly important in aerospace, consumer, and industrial applications that require high-power lasers to operate on limited energy sources.

“High peak power operation is a critical requirement for several defense applications, including range-finding, targeting, and remote sensing,” says VP of marketing & sales Paul Rudy. “Our BrightLock Ultra products meet this need uniquely with rugged and compact solutions that can endure demanding environmental conditions,” he claims.

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