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23 April 2008


QPC ships high-power fiber-laser pump for airborne weapons

QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA, which manufactures high-power lasers for consumer, industrial, defense and medical markets, has delivered a BrightLase high-power laser to a US Government Department of Defense customer to be used as a fiber-laser pump engine for next-generation airborne directed energy weapons applications.

This shipment a key milestone in an ongoing development agreement that has awarded $1.75m in contracts since April 2007. BrightLase leverages patented and proprietary laser technologies that are designed to achieve a ten-fold reduction in cost, size, and weight compared to conventional laser technology.

“Today's high-energy lasers are based on inefficient and bulky traditional technologies such as chemical lasers, but the future belongs to more efficient and compact diode-pumped lasers,” says co-founder and CEO Dr Jeffrey Ungar. “We believe that high-power, compact and efficient chip-based diode lasers using QPC technologies are poised to become crucial elements in deployable high-energy weapons,” he adds.

“With this delivery, we continue the refinement of our Generation III laser technologies for both military and commercial applications. These Generation III lasers enable a broad base of potential commercial applications and, since their launch in September 2007, have generated over $13m of new commercial contracts for defense, laser TV, surgical and therapeutic applications,” Ungar concludes.

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