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17 April 2008


RFMD receives production orders for Polaris 3 Silver

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has received its first production orders for its Polaris 3 Silver RF solution from a ‘valued tier-one handset OEM’. Polaris 3 Silver was added to the firm’s Polaris family of GSM/GPRS/EDGE RF solutions just this February. RFMD expects production volumes of Polaris 3 RF solutions to increase sequentially throughout 2008.

Polaris 3 Silver leverages the performance advantages of Polaris 3 and features RFMD’s patent-pending MicroShield integrated RF shielding. The highly integrated, ultra-compact Polaris 3 integrates all the necessary functions of the RF section of quad-band EDGE cellular handsets, including the power amplifier, switch, SAW filters, crystal oscillator and transceiver. With the addition of MicroShield integrated RF shielding, Polaris 3 Silver delivers Polaris 3 performance without sensitivity to board placement and at a significant reduction in both product volume and profile. This ease-of-use allows manufacturers to release mobile devices to market faster and with less RF design effort, the firm claims.

“Polaris 3 Silver extends the value proposition for our Polaris RF solutions by adding the benefits of MicroShield integrated RF shielding to the proven performance of Polaris 3,” says Eric Creviston, president of RFMD’s Cellular Handset Product Group (CPG). “Handset manufacturers using MicroShield technology will enjoy the benefits of improved RF performance, lower total cost, reduced board space requirements and overall ease of RF implementation,” he adds. “Based on current customer forecasts for our Polaris 3 RF solutions, we expect Polaris production volumes to extend multiple years and support meaningful profitability for RFMD.”

Assembly of Polaris 3 Silver, including tape and reel, production test and application of MicroShield integrated RF shielding, is performed at RFMD’s recently expanded, primary assembly facility in Beijing, China. The internal assembly, test and shielding of Polaris 3 Silver represents a cost advantage over Polaris 2 and Polaris 3, for which these functions are currently outsourced.

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