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9 April 2008


Rohm and Haas divests stake in precursor manufacturer UP Chemical

Rohm and Haas Company of Philadelphia, PA, USA has sold its 40% equity interest in UP Chemical Company (a South Korean firm that specializes in DRAM and high-k gate dielectric precursor technology) to South Korea's Woori Consortium for about $112m (reflecting a pre-tax gain of about $84m on its September 2004 acquisition).

“We identified UP Chemical as a good strategic partner during the very early stages of using ALD (atomic layer deposition) in semiconductor manufacturing,” says Dr Yi Hyon Paik, VP and business group director for Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials of Marlborough, MA. “In 1998, Rohm and Haas invested $3.5m in UP Chemical. We’ve been very pleased with the return on this investment.”

Rohm and Haas continues to participate in the ALD market. In March last year, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Harvard University to manufacture and market rare-earth metal amidinate compounds, such as lanthanum, dysprosium and gadolinium (the next generation of ALD materials for advanced high-k dielectric, metal gate and barrier/adhesion thin-film layers in CMOS silicon-based memory and logic devices with feature sizes of 45nm and below).

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