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18 April 2008


Syntune acquires controlling stake in Svedice

Stockholm-based single-chip tunable laser and transmitter manufacturer Syntune AB has taken a controlling equity stake in fellow Swedish firm Svedice AB of Järfälla, which provides indium phosphide-based foundry services (including III-V epitaxial growth, materials characterization, lithography, etching, metallization and testing). Svedice has substantial existing equity financing from a Swedish investor consortium consisting of Acreo, STING (Stockholm Innovation and Growth) and VINNOVA (the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems).

Syntune has previously partnered with Svedice to produce an array of widely tunable products, including what it claims is the first commercially available, widely tunable transmitter on a single chip.

The tunable laser market has now passed 100,000 units per year and is expected to grow 25-30% annually through 2012. “With the tunable laser market continuing to expand, it became imperative that we needed to strengthen our relationship with our chip supplier,” says Syntune’s CEO Patrik Evaldsson. “Syntune has a strong, guaranteed supply chain that is demanded by our expanding customer base, thanks to a controlling interest in Svedice and a cooperative agreement with CyOptics, our packaging partner."

Syntune is currently in full production of its S3500 C-band tunable laser and its corresponding Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA). Placed in what it claims is the smallest tunable package, the single-chip design makes the lasers versatile and widely tunable. The S3500 can be combined with modulators to reach speeds of up to 40Gb/s and is small enough to be used in a variety of form factors, including SFF 300-pin transponders and XFP-E packages. Syntune adds that its patented MG-Y structure minimizes size, power consumption, and cost while still allowing the fastest possible speeds.

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