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4 April 2008


TDI puts 20-130 micron thick 3-inch GaN epi into production

Nitride material manufacturer Technologies and Devices International Inc (TDI) of Silver Spring, MD, USA says that its 3-inch diameter, thick gallium nitride wafers are now in production.

Manufactured using TDI’s proprietary patented hydride vapor phase epitaxial (HVPE) process and multi-wafer equipment, the GaN wafers consist of a 20-130 micron thick GaN layer deposited on 3-inch (0001) c-plane sapphire substrates. The new product broadens TDI’s family of GaN, AlN, AlGaN, InN, and InGaN templates manufactured on 2-inch sapphire and AlN templates on 2-, 3-, 4-inch SiC. These thick GaN templates are targeted for applications such as quasi-bulk low-defect GaN substrates for MOCVD and MBE homoepitaxial growth of blue, green and white GaN-based LEDs as well as laser diodes. Use of the wafer lowers the cost of epitaxy, simplifies the growth process, and improves final device performance, claims TDI.

“There is a clear trend in the industry to develop and commercialize GaN-based devices on larger substrates. TDI’s customers are rapidly moving from the industry-standard 2-inch epitaxial wafer used for fabrication of light emitters to 3-inch wafers,” says technical director Alexander Usikov. “Increasing the quasi-bulk GaN wafer size to 3 inches is a substantial step toward dramatically reducing nitride epiwafer pricing for blue-green-white LEDs,” he adds. “TDI has been perfecting the development of our advanced HVPE process for several years and we are now able to fabricate 3-inch thick GaN wafers in commercial quantities. This production breakthrough of large-area low-cost GaN wafers will benefit our customers in terms of higher device throughput, improved material yields and reduced production costs,” Usikov reckons.

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