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25 April 2008


XenICs receives ISO 9001:2000

Manufacturer of infrared detectors and cameras, XenICs of Leuven, Belgium has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification by BSI Management Systems B.V. of London, UK. The award covers all of XenICs’ corporate functions and departments, including administration, marketing and sales, technology development and camera production, sensor packaging and InGaAs operations.

According to the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001:2000 establishes guidelines for corporate quality management systems providing assurance about a vendor's ability to satisfy the quality requirements of its customers and to enhance customer satisfaction in sustainable supplier-customer relationships.

XenICs said that it began preparing for the certification early in 2007; these preparations included creating a quality requirements manual, setting up quality control procedures, formalizing workflow documentation, and educating all employees involved in these processes.

Bob Grietens, founder and CEO of XenICs, said that the success was "due to everyone's dedication to teamwork and defect-free products, as well as continual process improvement and tracking customer satisfaction."

XenICs offers a broad range of standard products, specialized detector solutions, and electro-optic instrumentation. The firm designs, manufactures and markets detector arrays and digital cameras, both line-scan and 2D, from below 1 μm up to 14 μm. XenICs’ technology is based on high-end, cooled, as well as volume-oriented, uncooled InGaAs and InSb arrays or MCT-based devices, and also on bolometer based products.

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