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8 August 2008


IQE extends range of InGaAs SWIR detector products

Epiwafer and substrate foundry IQE plc of Cardiff, Wales, UK has extended its range of InGaAs SWIR (Short Wavelength Infra Red) detector products to include 3" extended wavelength epitaxial materials. According to the firm, generic epitaxial structures are available with spectral response up to 2.2µm, 2.4µm and 2.6µm in 2" and 3" wafer diameters.

The 2.6µm design has demonstrated responsivity > 1A/W in the range 1.6-2.5µm, and a peak of 1.2A/W @ 2.3µm, says IQE. It was achieved using a highly strained InGaAs absorbing layer deposited on a proprietary graded buffer layer, which was grown by MOCVD on InP substrates.

IQE Europe’s InP product manager Dr Wynne Jones said: "We are experiencing increased market demand for extended wavelength products produced on larger wafer diameters. This increased demand is largely driven by the need for large area arrays incorporated into low light and night vision systems, machine vision, spectroscopy, instrumentation and image recognition.”

IQE also announced that its base epitaxial product offering will be complemented by an in-reactor Zn diffusion service, which the firm says has demonstrated superior device performance over closed ampoule diffusion process, particularly for larger area wafers up to 4” InP.

“There will be further enhancements of the product range to include Zn diffusion of extended wavelength detectors which follows on from the successful launch of Zn diffused InP PIN diodes and APDs, leading to a wide range of PIN detector products available in wafer sizes up to 4” in diameter," adds Jones.

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