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27 August 2008


Kyosemi launches high-responsivity InGaN photodiode for UVA detection

Kyosemi Corp of Kyoto, Japan says that its KPDU37S1 ultraviolet photodiode, which uses indium gallium nitride (InGaN) technology and offers high peak responsivity for the detection of UVA light in the wavelength range 360-380nm, is now qualified and available in volume.

The peak responsivity reaches up to 140mA/W at 370nm. The feature that the KPDU37S1 is not sensitive to visible light makes accurate detection possible even in the presence of visible light, without the addition of a filter. The device is assembled in a surface-mount package that measures just 3mm x 2mm x 1.3mm.

The KPDU37S1 can be used to monitor the output powers of a mercury lamp’s i-line (365nm) emission as well as LED and laser diode emission in the wavelength range 360-380nm. The device can also be applied to monitoring the UV cure process. Applications include protein fluorescence analysis, flame detectors, bill validation, and skin care.

The hermetically packaged KPDU37H1 is also available, as well as LEDs that emit at peak wavelengths of 367nm (KED365US1) and 373nm (KED373US1).

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