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20 August 2008


sp3 engages APA as sales rep for CVD diamond thermal management products

sp3 Diamond Technologies Inc (sp3) of Santa Clara, CA, USA, a supplier of diamond film products, equipment and services, has engaged Advanced Packaging Associates Inc (APA) as a sales representative, responsible for increasing sales of sp3’s chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond products for thermal management applications. APA will target prospective customers in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

APA will be responsible mainly for marketing sp3’s DiaTherm heat spreaders and diamond wafer coating services. The firm claims that its DiaTherm thick-film CVD diamond heat spreaders exhibit high thermal diffusivity and conductivity, making them suitable as mounting structures for laser diodes, laser diode arrays, LEDs and high-power semiconductor devices (including RF). It says that its wafer coating services deliver a proven diamond CVD process to reach an ever-widening range of thermal management and diamond-on-silicon applications that can be deposited on wafers up to 300mm.

“Electronics manufacturers continue to explore new materials that offer higher performance at lower costs, across a wide spectrum of applications,” explains Dwain Aidala, president and COO of sp3 Diamond Technologies. “We have proven that our CVD diamond is an ideal material to address thermal management issues in particular, while being extremely cost-effective to implement,” he adds. “Given that diamond’s benefits have been demonstrated, we are now at a juncture as an organization that speaks to increasing our sales outreach. APA is an ideal partner for us, thanks to their background and industry knowledge, and we have tasked them with actively marketing our products and increasing their adoption in electronics manufacturing.”

APA specializes in microelectronic design and assembly, high-density interconnect (ceramic, organic), thermal management and component fabrication. The main responsibility for representing sp3’s thermal management portfolio falls to APA’s president Stu Weinshanker, whose professional experience includes sales, marketing, engineering and operations management positions.

“We expect that sp3’s DiaTherm heat spreaders and CVD diamond wafer coating services, with the significant performance improvements they deliver, will be of great interest to the electronics manufacturing and packaging markets,” says Weinshanker.

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