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16 December 2008


New US subsidiary Electrophysics renamed Sofradir EC

Sofradir of Châtenay-Malabry, near Paris, France, which manufactures infrared (IR) detectors for military, space and industrial applications, has completed its acquisition of Electrophysics of Fairfield, NJ, USA, which has been renamed Sofradir EC (Sofradir Engineered Components).

Founded in 1969, Electrophysics designs and manufactures IR equipment for imaging applications including portable thermal imagers as well as night-vision modules for low-light photography and videography, selling to industrial, scientific, law enforcement and US Department of Defense customers. It also develops image acquisition and analysis software and a range of application-specific accessories, including optics. Annual revenue is $12m (€8m).

Electrophysics’ former owner Frank Vallese will head Sofradir EC as president. Philippe Bensussan, chairman & CEO of Sofradir and chairman of subsidiary ULIS, will also serve as chairman of Sofradir EC.

“The name Sofradir EC is intended to leverage the strength of our brand and reputation as a quality supplier of IR detectors in the defense, space and commercial industries,” says Bensussan. “Sofradir EC will help our company meet the specific needs of North American customers of cooled and uncooled IR detectors.” The estimated North American market for infrared detectors is $1bn (€770m).

Sofradir EC will continue developing and supplying infrared equipment such as specialized thermography equipment, and night vision modules for low-light photography and videography, focusing on scientific, industrial, public safety, security and defense applications.

Founded in 1986, Sofradir specializes in cooled IR detectors based on mercury cadmium telluride (MCT), with products including scanning and staring arrays (covering the entire infrared spectrum) as well as quantum well infrared detectors (QWIPs) developed in cooperation with Thales. With about 20-25% of the world’s MCT second-generation detector market, Sofradir is ranked number 2 for units delivered. Sofradir’s subsidiary ULIS (created in 2002) designs and manufactures low-cost uncooled amorphous silicon IR detectors for commercial applications. Combined, Sofradir and ULIS generated revenue of €110m ($165m) in 2007. Customers include the US Army, Thales, Sagem, Selex, Thales Alenia Space, ESA (European Space Agency) and FLIR Systems.

Collectively, Sofradir, ULIS and Sofradir EC employ more than 500 staff, while 2008 sales are expected to be €120-130m ($150-160m).

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