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12 February 2008


Anadigics launches AWT6155 quad-band polar EDGE PA for use in Qualcomm chipset platforms

Maker of wireless and broadband communications components and modules, Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has launched a 3rd generation quad-band polar EDGE power amplifier (PA) module, the AWT6155, for 3G wireless handsets and equipment. The launch took place at this week’s 2008 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Based on Anadigics’ proprietary InGaP-Plus technology and designed to meet requirements for GSM and EDGE mode operation with Qualcomm's WCDMA and HSPA chipsets, the new PA comes in a 5 x 5mm package.

"The AWT6155 is half the size of current generation 7 x 7mm EDGE PA modules," said Joe DeMoura, Anadigics EDGE product line manager. "That reduces RF board area in dual-, tri- and quad-band designs based on the latest generation of Qualcomm transceivers. The smaller package includes features that our customers expect in a high-performance EDGE PA -- separate amplifier chains for GSM850/900 and for DCS/PCS bands and optimized performance in both GMSK and 8PSK modes. The AWT6155 also has an internal reference voltage and integrated power control scheme for simplified GMSK operation, which makes production calibration faster and easier and reduces the number of external components required."

Ali Khatibzadeh, senior vice president and general manager of wireless products at Anadigics, said: ". . . we designed the AWT6155 to deliver the highest quality power output, linearity and overall performance in the smallest form factor that is available and to enable our customers to pack more features into smaller, slimmer handsets based on Qualcomm's industry-leading 3G smart phones and embedded modules."

Product sampling is due to begin end of Q1/2008.

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