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26 February 2008


Bookham launches full-band tunable pluggable transceiver

At this week's Optical Fiber Communication conference (OFC 2008) in San Diego, CA, USA, Bookham Inc of San Jose, CA, USA is showcasing its first full-band tunable pluggable transceiver as well as outlining its roadmap of tunable pluggable products, to include the XFP-E format.

The 10Gb/s high-end LambdaFLEX TL8000 module for long-haul and metro applications is the first in a series of tunable transceivers that achieve the long sought-after goal of combining the benefits of full-band tunability with front-face plate pluggability, says Bookham. The module being exhibited at OFC demonstrates the capabilities and technology upon which Bookham is building its tunable pluggable product range.

The TL8000 delivers high-end performance suitable for long-haul links and metro/regional environments at rates up to 11.3Gb/s.  It includes Bookham’s fully Telcordia qualified indium phosphide Mach Zehnder (InP MZ) modulator and DSDBR (digital supermode distributed Bragg reflector) laser transmitter - which underpin the TL7000 tunable transmitter assembly (TTA) and TL9000 tunable small form factor transponder (TSFF).  The TL8000 also includes Bookham’s 10Gb/s avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver combined with electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) to provide enhanced performance in low optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) environments. 

“This is the first in our new series of tunable pluggable modules that demonstrates our capability to deliver high-end tunable performance in a pluggable format,” says product line manager Jon White. “The portfolio is built upon proven, qualified and reliable Bookham components.”

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