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4 February 2008


Optium launches 10Gb/s SFF 300-pin tunable transponder

Optical subsystem maker Optium Corp of Horsham, PA, USA has announced commercial availability of its 10Gb/s small-form-factor (SFF) 300-pin tunable transponder (the latest addition to its portfolio of 10 and 40Gb/s transponders).

Optium says it has drawn on its experience in the design and manufacturing of tunable optical transmission products to offer a compact 2.2” x 3” module that provides an almost 60% reduction in surface area compared to a large-form-factor 300-pin transponder while maintaining the same standards of performance.

The SFF tunable transponder is based on a standard 300-pin MSA and features full C-band and L-band tunability. Available in both ±800ps/nm and 1600ps/nm versions, the device can operate at up to 11.35Gb/s, has a minimum extinction ratio of 12dB and low power dissipation. The transponder is also designed to accommodate multiple optical sources for all optical components, including the tunable laser, lithium niobate modulator and receiver, which can be configured as a PIN diode or an avalanche photodiode (APD) and can also include an integrated VOA (variable optical attenuator).

Optium says that the SFF tunable transponder provides enhanced network flexibility by enabling the upgrade of single-channel applications often used in metro networks. In addition, it allows current users of large-form-factor tunable devices to achieve higher port density on their line cards without sacrificing performance.

“This combination of performance and value creates a compelling alternative as customers look for innovative solutions to improve network agility through tenability,” says VP of sales & marketing Tony Musto. “We are already seeing strong acceptance of this new product with existing and new customers.”

The SFF tunable transponder began shipping to multiple customers during Optium’s fiscal second-quarter 2008 (ended 2 February).

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