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19 February 2008


Santur launches low-profile tunable transmitter engine

Santur Corp of Fremont, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of parallel photonic-array devices for the telecoms industry, has announced the development of the TLMZ-LP low-profile version of its 10Gb/s Tunable Transmitter Engine.

The TLMZ-LP integrates Santur’s tunable laser with an indium phosphide Mach-Zehnder modulator, engineered for the requirements of transmission in either long-haul or metropolitan optical networks (for data, voice and cable TV traffic). Both zero-chirp or chirped versions are available. Their low profile and compact footprint suit use in SFF transponders and XFP-E pluggable transceivers, says the firm. The device brings tunability into metro access networks and doubles the port density in the metro core networks.

“Integration of the tunable laser with the Mach-Zehnder modulator, in the low-profile compact footprint package, allows tunable transceivers to be used in the pluggable XFP-E format,” says chief technical officer and co-founder Bardia Pezeshki. Also, it eliminates the need to source a separate tunable laser and modulator, as well as the need for polarization-maintaining fiber and a splice or connector between the laser and modulator.

Santur is currently sampling the TLMZ-LP to customers. “As with our previous generation products, our customer partnerships are making rapid adoption of this new technology possible,” says CEO Paul Meissner. Volume production is expected in Q3/2008.

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