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28 January 2008


Raising the bar for high-power fiber-coupled diode laser modules

High-power laser component, module and system manufacturer DILAS of Mainz, Germany launched several new products at last week’s Photonics West exhibition in San Jose, CA, USA.

First 1940nm high-power diode laser arrays with 10% wall plug efficiency

DILAS introduced what it claims are the first commercially available high-power diode laser arrays operating at 1940nm with a wall plug efficiency (WPE) of >10%. Using proprietary epitaxy, they can be integrated into all DILAS packages, ranging from single-bar configurations up to large-scale stack modules that can include hundreds of bars.

Based on a single diode laser array, the new-generation 1940nm conduction-cooled, fiber-coupled diode laser modules generate output power of 6W, 12W, and 18W, using a standard 600µm fiber bundle with a numerical aperture (NA) of <0.22 and SMA-905 fiber connector.

The new modules are targeted mainly at the medical (therapeutic dermatology and surgery) and industrial markets (material processing applications).

1550nm conduction-cooled, fiber-coupled modules

DILAS also launched its latest conduction-cooled, fiber-coupled diode laser modules for pumping, medical treatment, material processing, and defense applications that demand high-power stable sources with the highest beam quality.

The 1550nm modules are based on the firm’s single-bar and multi-bar configurations (depending on customer requirements) and are shipped with 400µm, 0.22 NA, SMA fibers that deliver 5-30W output powers in the 1550nm range (depending on the number of diode bars integrated into the module).

DILAS expands to 639 and 650nm visible fiber-coupled modules

DILAS has also broadened its wavelength spectrum by adding a new series of high-power, conduction-cooled, fiber-coupled diode laser bars emitting at 639nm and 650nm.

Suited to applications in the medical and display markets, the modules can deliver up to 5W CW output power from a 400µm fiber with an NA of <0.22, making it the highest-performing visible diode laser bar commercially available, claims the firm.

The modules feature sealed, shock- and vibration-tested packaging.

Single-bar-based fiber-coupled diode laser module delivers 50W CW

The latest addition to DILAS’ fiber-coupled diode laser module family is based on a single laser diode array and delivers up to 50W of CW power at 808 and 976nm through a 400µm SMA-fiber with an NA of <0.22, making it the most reliable and highest-performing diode laser available, the firm claims. The single-bar-based module is intended mainly for end-pumping of solid-state laser materials for fiber lasers, as well as for medical applications.

Measuring less than 100mm x 31mm x 20mm, the industry-standard package has a wall plug efficiency (WPE) of >35% and a typical spectral width of less than 4nm (FWHM). The laser power is delivered via a detachable single-core fiber terminated with a standard SMA 905 connector.

Fiber-coupled, multi-bar module power boosted to 200W

DILAS’ latest commercially available fiber-coupled multi-bar modules emitting at wavelengths of 808, 915, 940 and 980nm allow clad-free light coupling to deliver 130W and 200W through a 200µm fiber with an NA of <0.22. The 4-bar and 6-bar designs are based on industry-standard single conduction-cooled bars, which are optically stacked and polarization coupled.

Standard industrial-grade water chillers can cool the module and its fiber connector, keeping system costs low.

To give OEMs maximum flexibility for integration into larger systems, all DILAS fiber-coupled products are available with optional features to include an integrated pilot beam, power monitor, fiber detection sensor, fiber interlock, and user-exchangeable protection window.

High-power (80W) 808, 940 and 980nm water-cooled diode laser arrays

DILAS also launched a series of high-power, water-cooled diode laser arrays used in scalable stack designs that deliver up to 80W CW per bar at standard wavelength of 808nm, 940nm and 980nm for industrial applications.

The stack designs are available up to 12 bars side-by-side horizontally or up to 70 bars stacked vertically.

DILAS' water-cooled diode laser arrays suit application as a line source for side-pumping of diode-pump solid-state lasers, direct materials processing, hair removal and line-beam-applications as well as two-dimensional arrangements for heat treatment and fusion laser applications.

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