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24 January 2008


Emcore supplies Spanish market with CPV components and systems

Emcore Corporation of Albuquerque, NM, USA is to supply its solar Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) components and systems to the Spanish market through several agreements, worth in total approximately $18m over the next 15 months.

Last November, Emcore won a 300-kilowatt (kW) CPV system contract from Spain’s Institute of Concentrator Photovoltaics Systems (ISFOC). Emcore says it will have its CPV systems installed in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain by December 2008.

Earlier this month, the company reached an agreement to construct an 850-kW solar power park in Extremadura, Spain. The project will be completed before July 2008, to take advantage of the current high feed-in tariff.

Emcore has also won an order for one million CPV components from an unnamed CPV system integrator. The order is due to be completed by March 2009, with CPV products being deployed in projects within the Spanish market.

"These purchase orders from various customers mark the acceptance of our CPV technology and product solutions as high-performance and low-cost solar power system in the Spanish market, and represent a success for our business development efforts in Spain. We expect additional and larger contracts from Spain once the new feed-in tariff settles," said Dr Hong Hou, president and chief operating officer of Emcore.

In August 2007, Emcore achieved 39% peak conversion efficiency under 1000x concentration from its compound semiconductor triple-junction solar cells. The company says it is supplying CPV solar cells and receivers in volume to more than twenty different customers worldwide.

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