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3 January 2008


Epistar to double AlGaInP UHB-LED capacity

Taiwan LED chipmaker Epistar expects to nearly double its monthly capacity for AlGaInP (aluminum gallium indium phosphide) ultra-high brightness (UHB) LED, from 80m units in 2007 to 150-160m units in 2008, says executive VP Jou Ming-Jun according to the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN), reported via Digitimes. Epistar’s overall AlGaInP capacity also includes 1.6bn standard-brightness LED chips, making it the world’s biggest AlGaInP LED maker, it is claimed (ahead of Arima).

The firm is also expanding its monthly capacity of nitride LEDs by 45%, from 800m units to 1.1-1.2bn units in 2008, adds Jou. He also pointed out that LED backlighting used in handsets, especially in low-priced handsets in newly emerging markets, will grow by 40%. The penetration rate of LED backlighting used in notebooks will rise from 3% in 2007 to 10-15% in 2008, while the penetration rate for use in 7-inch to 10-inch panels will rise from 45% in 2007 to 65% in 2008, Jou reckons.

Epistar also sees strong potential for the use of high-power LEDs in street lamps and special lighting products, with growth of 70-80% expected in 2008.

Despite having a positive outlook for LED applications, Jou notes some risks and uncertainties in the LED industry, such as immature LED backlight technology and problems with standards and regulations for LEDs used in street lamps.

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