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25 January 2008


IPG enters merchant diode market with compact 20W fiber-coupled laser

High-power laser and amplifier manufacturer IPG Photonics of Oxford, MA, USA says that it is now selling what it claims are the most powerful and highest-brightness fiber-coupled laser diodes on a merchant basis to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers.

Taking advantage of its high-volume production capacity and quality control, IPG says that the laser diodes provide over 20W of output power in a compact size, allowing OEMs to lower their cost per watt and increase equipment lifetime.

The packaged diode lasers can be used in applications ranging from printing, medical, dental, industrial and laser pumping to telecoms and defense.

The diodes were developed and manufactured for use in IPG’s line of industrial fiber lasers. Founded in 1990, IPG pioneered the development and commercialization of optical fiber-based lasers, and now manufactures both fiber lasers and amplifiers. “Now we are offering this same technology to OEMs for their applications,” says Bill Shiner, VP-Industrial Markets. “With higher powers available, our PLD Series provides OEMs an alternative to low-power single emitters and inefficient diode bars with short lifecycles,” he claims.

“The sale of diode lasers is a natural extension of our product line,” says chairman and CEO Dr Valentin P. Gapontsev. “IPG has sold diode laser systems for years and has recently sold a small number of diode lasers for a dental application. With our three new multi-wafer MBE reactors put into production last year, expanded test station capacity up to 60,000 channels and higher yields, this is the ideal time to introduce the many advantages of IPG’s unique and cost-effective diode lasers into the market,” he adds.

Key features of the packaged diode lasers include:

  • the highest power available in a compact package (up to 20W);
  • the highest brightness from a 100µm fiber at a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.11 (the lowest in the industry;
  • in-fiber electrical-to-optical power efficiency of 60% or more;
  • expanded range of wavelengths at 9XXnm, allowing selection of the optimal wavelength;
  • small and efficient package, accommodating smaller devices or higher-output devices;
  • high reliability from telecom-grade single emitters (put through a rigorous test program).

*IPG opening Nasdaq to celebrates first anniversary of IPO

Gapontsev (joined by members of the management team and board of directors) will open the NASDAQ stock market on 28 January at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City.

IPG’s participation in Nasdaq’s opening bell ceremony celebrates the first anniversary of the firm’s initial public offering in December 2007. “During the past year, we leveraged our disruptive technology to displace conventional lasers as well as sell our fiber lasers into new applications where lasers have never been used before,” says Gapontsev. “As the only fully integrated manufacturer of fiber lasers, IPG has major competitive advantages,” he claims. “In addition, our expanding global presence provides us with significant opportunities for growth. During 2008, we plan to continue to penetrate the laser market.”

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