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29 January 2008


Opnext launches first 640nm/150mW red laser; enters human-body light-measuring device market

At last week’s Photonics West exhibition in San Jose, CA, USA, optical module and component maker Opnext Inc of Eatontown, NJ launched its HL7001/7002MG laser diode, representing the firm’s entry into the human-body light-measuring device market.

The device emits in the 705nm infrared wavelength band and has the high optical output power (50mW), high reliability and low operating current necessary for medical applications such as blood, analysis light source and endoscopy, the firm claims.

Also, compact size allows for smaller biomedical measurement equipment while improving the quality of existing medical device applications, Opnext adds.

Opnext also launched the HL6385DG, which it claims is the world’s first red laser diode with 640nm/150mW capabilities, and offers the highest optical output power and red color wavelength band available.

Due to their greater monochromaticity, lasers have better color reproducibility as well as higher efficiency, smaller size and lower weight than UHP (ultra-high performance) lamps and LEDs as light sources for miniature displays.

In January 2007, Opnext commercialized the HL6366DG series 642nm/90mW laser diode as a red light source for miniature displays. Through a development process that included a new waveguide structure and optimized structural parameter, the new single-longitudinal-mode 642nm/150mW red laser diode offers more brilliant image display, and is suited to miniature displays for personal computers, mobile phones and other mobile devices, says the firm.

“Next-generation miniature display opportunities will only continue to grow due to the consumer demand for mobile technologies,” says Tadayuki Kanno, senior VP, Opnext device business unit.

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