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11 January 2008


TDI mourns loss of Dr Vladimir Dmitriev (December 3, 1955 - January 6, 2008)

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Dr Vladimir Dmitriev (52) on January 6, 2008. Vladimir was CEO and president of Technologies and Devices International Inc (TDI), based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

A spokesperson for TDI said: “Vladimir was known throughout the industry for his tireless pursuit of innovative technology for semiconductor processing. He entered the New Year on a high with TDI having just been awarded an important United States Patent covering novel HVPE production equipment for manufacturing of low defect nitride semiconductor materials. His vision of reliable low cost deposition equipment has been gaining widespread appeal and several important customers have been targeted for installation of TDI’s first commercially available machines. Furthermore, Vladimir and TDI were expecting to announce in the very near future a major partner who will be working jointly with the company to refine and help with introduction of the equipment.”

Dr Alexander Usikov will takeover the technical responsibilities held by Vladimir, while Tatiana Dmitriev will assume much of the managerial role. Assisting each of them will be Mark Fine, former president of Epichem Inc and Rick Stall, former CTO for Emcore Corp.

Fine, who has been working with Vladimir and TDI in a senior business advisory role, said: “The loss of our close friend is a shock to all of us. His energy and enthusiasm for this business and for life in general was and will always be an inspiration to everyone who knew him. Though his passing is tragic, we are confident this company will pull together and work even harder to carry on with his vision and keep his dream alive.”

A private memorial service in honour of Vladimir will be held on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at the Robert A Pumphrey funeral home in Bethesda, Maryland.