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29 July 2008


HPO achieves milestone for its high-power red LEDs

Germany’s Aixtron AG reports that its customer High Power Opto Inc (HPO) of Taichung, Taiwan has reached a new milestone for high-power red LEDs. HPO developed the epi structure for its 622nm metal bond chips using an Aixtron AIX 2600G3 Planetary Reactor MOCVD system.

HPO’s chairman Dr K.H. Huang said: “The results are amongst the best in the world. Keys to our success have been the proprietary HPO metal bond (TW Patent 086340) and mask defined texture process, as well as a highly sophisticated epi process, for which the AIX 2600G3 system is the ultimate platform. With this process, we have been able to improve performance of our packaged HPO MR 40-mil dice to the level of 70lm/W @350mA, corresponding to a wallplug efficiency of 25% at a dominant wavelength of 622nm.”

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