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11 July 2008


LED maker CMLT implements Ares ciMes software

Taipei-based software supplier Ares International Corp says that Chi Mei Lighting Technology Corp (CMLT), a vertically integrated provider of LED epiwafers, chips and applications, has completed implementation of its ciMes computer integrated manufacturing execution system (application software based on Microsoft Visual Studio.Net). CMLT follows fellow Taiwanese LED makers Epitech Technology Corp and Luxxon Technology in adopting ciMes.

CMLT of Tree Valley Park (adjacent to the Southern Taiwan Science Park) was established in September 2006 as a subsidiary of TFT-LCD maker Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp (CMO). The firm began implementation of the project at the beginning of 2007, with first-stage system design-in finished in April 2007 and all system user acceptance tests (UATs) completed this February.

Through ciMes, CMLT can manage and monitor the production status of work-in-process (WIP) while improving its factory’s efficiency and capacity, lowering production costs and risks, says Ares. With a better e-environment, CMLT can ensure that its production is accurately controlled and that the delivery schedule is on time, the firm adds. For vertical integration, CMLT needs the MES to provide a best practice for its LED supply chain, while also requiring a system that can cater to managing various demand in different production procedures and simplify future development and maintenance.

Ares says that, since CMLT had a sound information application base, it chose a once-and-for-all approach in introducing ciMes modules to establish complete manufacturing process control. Following implementation of the project, CMLT is able to integrate core enterprise functions such as supply, production control, manufacturing, equipment maintenance and quality control. Also, on-site information at its production lines can be accurately transmitted to users to monitor via the Internet or other methods. When emergency events occur at the production site, ciMes can provide on-site status information and quickly notify the user. In particular, says Ares, CMLT’s production flow is complicated and sees occurrences of abnormal operational status, including batch, merge, skip-lot and outsourcing. ciMes can help to effectively control the status, says the firm. Due to the improved production order, the production cycle and WIP can be lowered, so on-time delivery ability can be strengthened, quality improved and production costs lowered, it is claimed.

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