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8 July 2008


Luminus Devices awarded 21st US patent

Luminus Devices Inc has received its 21st US patent for its PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LED technology, which is used in display and lighting applications. The firm also has 120 further patents pending in the USA and other countries worldwide. 

“Luminus Devices introduced the revolutionary concept of creating large-format LED chips, and we have continued research and development in all aspects of PhlatLight LED technology, resulting in brightness and efficacy of PhlatLight LEDs that has doubled in the last two years,” says co-founder and chief technology officer Alexei Erchak. “Our R&D efforts support the evolution of a diverse range of products based on our patented PhlatLight technology, allowing us to enter into a wider variety of new markets where high-intensity illumination is needed.”

Luminus’ patent portfolio covers a wide range of technology, including large-area LED devices, high-power wavelength-converting LED devices, and LED packaging technology.

Luminus claims that PhlatLight technology has enabled display applications that were previously out of reach for conventional LEDs, including replacing mercury-arc lamps used in projection and cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) used in LCD TVs. In addition to replacing traditional light sources for consumer electronics, the firm is also branching out into applications in entertainment and stage lighting, architectural lighting, medical and dental, avionics, machine vision and other lighting applications that require high-brightness light sources.

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