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18 July 2008


Mimix raises $10m in fourth-round financing from GaAs Labs

Mimix Broadband Inc of Houston, TX, USA, which designs and supplies gallium arsenide ICs operating from DC to 50GHz for microwave and millimeter-wave applications, has secured $10m of additional investment in its fourth round of institutional financing.

New funding from Silicon Valley-based GaAs Labs (which provides private equity and venture capital financing to firms in the communications semiconductor sector), as well as from existing investors, will allow Mimix to pay off debt and provide working capital for further growth in the diversified microwave and millimeter-wave marketplace.

“The executives at GaAs Labs bring a wealth of industry experience that will assist Mimix as we continue to capitalize on the significant market opportunity for microwave and millimeter-wave semiconductors that is being driven by the increasing demand for higher bandwidth and power,” says Mimix’s CEO Rick Montgomery.

Mimix launches 0.05-4GHz dual high-dynamic-range amplifier

Mimix has launched the XG1001-SA dual high-dynamic-range amplifier operating at 0.05-4GHz and assembled in a SOIC-8 package.

The versatile, multi-purpose amplifier delivers +44dBm output IP3, 2.1dB noise figure and 13dB gain at 2GHz. The combination of low-noise figure and high IP3 at the same bias point suits transmit or receive solutions when used in applications including CATV, cellular and PCS, MMDS, and WLAN. The XG1001-SA can be implemented in balanced or push-pull design configurations and has the flexibility of being optimized for a number of wireless applications. The amplifier uses a single positive supply of +3-5V.

“The XG1001-SA is an extension to our high-linearity MESFET product line and offers our customers a robust new package choice,” says product manager Amer Droubi. “Integrating two amplifiers in the same package simplifies the implementation of push-pull and balanced configurations, making the XG1001-SA an ideal building block when combining for desired linearity and power performance,” he adds. 

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