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21 July 2008


SiGe power amplifier launched for mobile WiMAX

SiGe Semiconductor of Andover, MA and Ottawa, Canada has expanded its series of power amplifiers (PA) and RF front-end modules by sampling the SE7262L, a 2.5GHz high-power amplifier targeted for the mobile WiMAX market that exceeds the spectral mask requirements outlined in IEEE 802.16e and WiMAX Forum specifications.

The firm says that the device optimizes performance and delivers extremely high stability over the full temperature range (-40C to +85C), enabling manufacturers to support broadband wireless multimedia services in products for mobile computing applications without compromising battery life. The power amplifier is suited to use in battery-powered applications, including USB accessories, PC cards, and embedded cards for laptop computers.

The new PA delivers more than 20% efficiency at +25.5dBm output power while operating at 3.3V, the highest performance available while meeting worldwide spectral mask requirements, the firm claims. The combination of high output power, high linearity, exceptional efficiency and unequalled stability over temperature will enable systems that require low current for increased battery life and provide extremely reliable wireless link performance, it adds.

“We have worked closely with our customers to develop this product, and early customer feedback confirms that the SE7262L meets spectral mask requirements while achieving industry-leading output power and high power-added efficiency,” says Sanjiv Shah, director, product marketing WiMAX and embedded products. “The SE7262L will allow our customers to support mobile WiMAX capability with the highest performance but without degradation of battery life.”

Existing mobile WiMAX PAs often needed an increase in supply voltage in order to achieve higher output power, says the firm. This approach requires additional voltage regulation, which, in turn, increases power consumption and cost to the system bill of materials. With the SE7262L, designers do not need this additional circuitry and voltage regulation. The device is fully input and output matched.

The SE7262L PA offers high levels of integration, with an on-chip power detector, step attenuator, and harmonic filter in a compact 4mm x 4mm x 0.9mm package, providing unequalled system performance and reducing overall footprint and bill of materials cost, it is claimed.

The SE7262L is priced at $2.85 in volumes of 10,000. SiGe Semiconductor provides full applications design support, including evaluation boards to qualified customers.

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