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24 June 2008


VPEC continues to build capacity with repeat order for Aixtron AIX 2600G3 IC tools

Taiwan’s Visual Photonics Epitaxy Corporation (VPEC) has placed a repeat order for multiple AIX 2600G3 IC MOCVD systems from Aixtron of Aachen, Germany, for the volume production of microelectronic and optical devices. Only last month Aixtron announced that VPEC had ordered multiple AIX 2600G3 systems for the production of PHEMT and HBT epiwafers. The latest order will be delivered this year for installation at VPEC’s facilities in Ping-Jen City, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Founded in 1996, VPEC's principal products are HBT and PHEMT epitaxial wafers for wireless communication applications, high brightness LED epitaxial wafers and chips for various industrial and commercial applications as well as Zn diffusion ready PIN epitaxial wafers for optical fiber communication applications.

Dr James Huang, general manager of VPEC’s Microelectronic Products Business Unit said: “Aixtron MOCVD tools underpin our high volume manufacture of epitaxial wafers and we have been extremely happy with their performance. Since last year, we are continuing our strategic plan to build up additional capacity to meet growing demand from our customer base for microelectronic and optical devices.”

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