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11 June 2008


Market for data communications transceivers forecast to hit $13.4bn in 2013

Market analysts at CIR of Glen Allen, Virginia, USA forecast that the market for data communications transceivers will increase by approximately 335% from $4.0bn in 2008 to $13.4bn in 2013. The forecast is made in CIR’s new report, Data Communications Transceiver Markets: The Next Five Years.

CIR says that the report identifies a number of important new opportunities:

  • With prices for copper based 10 GigE less than $200 per port and the need to aggregate GigE throughout the enterprise network, the firm expects that this new networking standard is on the cusp of a major ramp up. By 2013, it is forecast that shipments of 10 GigE transceivers will be valued at $7.1bn. By that date, the firm expects that high end business PCs will sport 10 GigE interfaces.
  • In 2008, it is estimated that 2% of the 10 GigE market is represented by copper ports with almost all of them being CX4 formats. By 2013, almost 45% of 10 GigE ports will be copper and will use the new “T” format. At the same time, on the fiber side, CIR forecasts that the LRM standard will take off and will account for $1.7bn in sales by 2013.
  • Fueled by new regulatory requirements and Web 2.0 applications, CIR expects the fibre channel transceiver market to exceed $1.0bn by 2010 and that it will go on to reach $3.3bn in revenues by 2013, by which time as much as 75% of the value of shipments will be accounted for by the new 16 Gbps FC standard.

Among the companies discussed in the report are: Avago, Finisar, Fujitsu, Hitachi Cable, Intel/Emcore, JDSU, Luxtera, MergeOptics, OCP/Oplink and Opnext.

A second report addressing the telecommunications transceiver and transponder market will be published in July.

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