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10 June 2008


DILAS boosts Compact diode laser system to 200W

DILAS of Mainz, Germany, which designs and manufactures high-power diode laser components, modules and systems, has boosted the brightness of its Compact diode laser system with the addition of a new 200W, 200µm fiber-coupled series.

The Compact series is based on conduction-cooled laser bars incorporated into fiber-coupled multi-bar modules. With an integrated control unit and power supply, the turnkey system is controllable via 24V interface signals. The 19” rack mounts for the laser and cooling unit enable easy integration for OEM machine builders, the firm claims.

Using a QBH high-power fiber, the Compact 200/200 delivers 200W of cladding-free optical power and is suitable as a source for fiber-laser pumping. Up to power levels of 100W, the Compact series is available with SMA fiber and air cooling. As a general principle, all available wavelengths can be incorporated (640-1940nm). The system also includes a metal-armored fiber, optical imaging unit and laser warning lamps.

The Compact series can be combined with accessories to include laser processing heads, cameras, galvo-scanners, pyrometers or a combination of pyrometer and galvo scanner. In conjunction with the pyrometer, the system can operate in a closed-loop mode, allowing pre-defined welding spot temperature ranges for quality-sensitive applications in electronic, automotive, solar and medical device manufacturing.

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