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13 June 2008


LayTec In-situ Monitoring Award goes to Helmholtz Center’s Döscher

At the 14th International Conference on Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE 2008) in Metz, France last week, the inaugural LayTec In-situ Monitoring Award (together with a cheque for €1000) was presented by Thomas Zettler, president of in-situ optical sensor manufacturer LayTec GmbH of Berlin, Germany, to Henning Döscher for his outstanding contribution to “In-situ quantification of the surface domain structure of thin GaP films grown on Si(100)”.

The work is a result of the close collaboration of Henning Döscher and Thomas Hannappel of the Helmholtz-Center Berlin for Materials and Energy with Bernardette Kunert, Kerstin Volz and Wolfgang Stolz of Philipps-University Marburg, Germany.

Out of the many excellent contributions that applied for the prize, an independent committee recognized Döscher’s talk as a pioneering work in the fundamental research which will have a profound impact on future development of III-V semiconductors on Si substrates for future CMOS generations and solar cells.

LayTec’s In-situ Award will be granted every 2 years at the ICMOVPE to recognize outstanding results in the development and control of MOVPE processes by applying optical in-situ sensors and to further encourage their application both in research and industry.

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