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16 June 2008


PerkinElmer adds all-white and multi-color/white LEDs to ACULED range

At the recent euroLED 2008 event in Coventry, UK, PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, a supplier of specialty lighting, optical detection technologies, and digital imaging, showcased its new white LED product range as the latest addition to its growing ACULED family of standard and custom high-power LEDs (for applications including illumination, medical lighting, aircraft lighting, projection, and signaling).

The new ACULED VHL (very high lumen) brand is a full line of all-white LEDs and multi-color/white LEDs. The firm claims that the white models provide superior color mixing, four separately addressable chips, adjustable color temperatures and low thermal resistance. The standard multi-color/white models include: the RBG6 with red, green, blue, and white chips (6500K); the 666R with three white chips (6500K) and one red chip; and the R5G5 with red, white (5700K) and green chips, which is tunable over a wide spectrum. In addition, custom lighting combinations that include white chips are available under the ACULED DYOTM (design-your-own) brand name.

The expansion of the ACULED family with the addition of a range of all-white and multi-color/white LED offerings provides much broader design options to suit individual lighting needs, says Dr Michael Kramer, PerkinElmer Optoelectronics’ managing director LED Solutions.

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