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25 June 2008


QPC ships BrightLase Ultra-500 laser

Manufacturer of high brightness, high power semiconductor lasers QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA has shipped a compact BrightLase Ultra-500 laser to an unnamed North American industrial customer for use in industrial metals and plastics processing applications.

"Replacing today's colossal and power hungry lamp, solid state and gas lasers with QPC's compact chip-based solution enables industrial customers to reduce energy costs while increasing the portability of their equipment," said senior VP of Marketing and Sales, Dr Paul Rudy. "By utilizing our miniaturized fiber delivered laser solution, industrial manufacturers will be able to deliver the laser beam to the parts on the production line rather than bringing the parts and the production line to the laser system. In addition to the cost savings resulting from decreased energy consumption and reduced floor space, we believe the reduction in laser footprint will allow optimization of the factory layout and workflow, thereby having fundamental impact on a variety of industrial applications."

According to QPC, its laptop-sized BrightLase Ultra-500 laser module achieves a power output exceeding 500 watts. For industrial customers, it provides high power and brightness at near infrared wavelengths from an energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective package critical for laser micro-welding, engraving and marking applications.

"In a time of rising energy costs, the inefficient high power industrial systems used today are driving explosive increases in electricity expenses for industrial customers since many of them operate twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week. QPC's chip-based lasers offer a more environmentally friendly 'green' manufacturing solution by reducing energy consumption, waste heat and related cooling costs,” said Rudy.

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