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9 June 2008


Replisaurus acquires S.E.T. to expand operations, production capacity and product portfolio

Replisaurus Technologies Inc of Kista, near Stockholm, Sweden has acquired S.E.T. SAS of Saint Jeoire, France in order to establish a production site for integrated and fully automated high-volume manufacturing tools for its proprietary ElectroChemical Pattern Replication (ECPR) technology.

S.E.T. Smart Equipment Technology (the former device bonder division of SUSS MicroTec) is a global supplier of high-accuracy device bonders including chip-to-wafer tools for 3D integration and versatile nanoimprint lithography (NIL) solutions. The firm is now a subsidiary of Replisaurus.

“S.E.T. significantly strengthens our position as an emerging key player in the advanced-packaging market, and this acquisition provides us with an exceptional team of highly skilled engineers with significant experience in building very precise and fully automated semiconductor tools,” says Replisaurus’ CEO James Quinn.

Since 1975, S.E.T. has delivered more than 2500 systems (including an installed base of more than 250 device bonders) and has developed more than 30 different types of equipment. Its chip-to-chip and chip-to-wafer bonding platforms can be adapted to all bonding technologies, from fluxless reflow through most types of adhesives to thermo-compression bonding. S.E.T. will continue to develop and produce device bonders while manufacturing tools for Replisaurus’s ECPR technology. “Our complementary technologies and strategies make this a very good fit for both companies,” says S.E.T.’s managing director and president Gaël Schmidt.

Replisaurus says that ECPR is a metallization technology targeted at growth markets such as integrated passives, copper pillars and 3D integration (TSV). Its electrochemical replication principle combines the precision and resolution of advanced lithography with the ease and efficiency of electrochemical deposition into a single integrated process solution. The firm claims that this offers a simple and cost-effective integrated solution that enables advanced designs while reducing complexity by eliminating several traditional process steps, including the need for prototyping and dummy plating patterns.

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