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23 June 2008


StrataLight develops SiGe multiplexer IC for 100GE transponders

StrataLight Communications of Los Gatos, CA, USA, which provides 40Gb/s optical transmission subsystems, has developed a silicon germanium (SiGe) chipset for use in its internal 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet) DWDM transponder development.

The development of the chip has been enabled by StrataLight’s in-house expertise in mixed-signal ASIC design, high-speed RF inter-connects and transponder sub-system integration. The multiplexer chip has been tested at bit rates of 112-136Gb/s and is required to drive the line-side optical interface of the firm’s 100GE DWDM transponder. It will carry 100GE IP payload in an OTU4 frame and next-generation forward error correction (FEC) overhead.

“Carriers continue to see strong IP network growth driven by internet and video services,” says president and CEO Shri Dodani. “StrataLight is investing significant capital to develop core technology for 100GE sub-systems that will allow carriers to increase fiber capacity while leveraging their existing fiber infrastructure.”

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