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3 June 2008


Voltaix expanding annual germane capacity to over 50 tons

Specialty materials manufacturer Voltaix LLC is expanding its germane manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand in the solar and semiconductor industries.

Continuous improvements in the germane plant in the firm’s North Branch, NJ facility have increased throughput by more than 200%. In addition, Voltaix plans to complete the installation and commissioning of a second, previously constructed skid-mounted germane production plant - with a capacity of about three times that of the current plant - which will be should be operational at a new site within 15 months. The expansions will increase Voltaix’s germane manufacturing capacity to more than 50 tons per year.

“These expansions provide the capacity and production redundancy our current and future customers need to support growth of their germane-based manufacturing technologies,” says chief operating officer Matt Stephens. “Germanium significantly improves thin-film solar device efficiencies, enables strained silicon technologies for computer CPUs, and is central to newly emerging germanium channel and gate applications,” he adds. “We are committed to serving the market needs for germane through continuous improvement of our capacity, supply chain redundancy, and product quality.”

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