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3 March 2008


Avago launches LNAs for cellular and WiMAX base-stations

Avago Technologies Inc of San Jose, CA, USA has launched a new family of MMIC low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) designed for cellular and WiMAX infrastructure applications.

The ultra-compact MGA-12516, 13516 and 14516 base-station LNAs are housed in miniature 4mm x 4mm x 0.85mm 16-pin quad-flat-non-lead (QFN) packages, and achieve very low noise figures and high gain performance at very low current consumption levels, the firm claims. The LNAs suit a wide range of cellular (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, CMA2000 and TD-SCDMA) and WiMAX infrastructure applications, including picocell and femtocell base-stations.

The MGA-12516 is a matched-pair balanced LNA designed to operate between 800MHz and 3GHz. At 4V and 50mA per LNA, it delivers a 0.62dB noise figure, 23.8dB gain, 33.5dBm OIP3 and 17.9dBm P1dB at 1.95GHz.

The MGA-13516 and MGA-14516 are two-stage LNAs with built-in active bias circuitry and the ability to adjust the supply current and gain through external matching without affecting the noise figure. The MGA-13516 suits operation at 400MHz to 1.5GHz, while the MGA-14516 is designed for 1.4-2.7GHz frequencies. At 5V and 155mA, the MGA-13516 achieves 0.66dB noise figure, 31dB gain, 38dBm OIP3 and 24dBm P1dB at 900MHz. The MGA-14516 delivers a 0.68dB noise figure, 33dB gain, 38dBm OPI3 and 24dBm P1dB at 1.95GHz.

Pricing begins at $3.44 in 1000 quantities.